Home Support


Home support is based on people’s living situation and is provided in people’s homes, online or however is most convenient. The home care includes support in carrying out daily tasks and housekeeping and has a focus on communication, fellowship and motivation.

Am I entitled to home support?

You may be eligible for home support if you need assistance due to reduced ability, stress, illness or family circumstances. The service is for people with legal residence in Reykjavik who are over 18 years old and live independently.

Home support (I. heimastuðningur) used to be called social home care (I félagsleg heimaþjónusta) and is provided on the basis of the Reykjavik City Rules on Support Services.

How do I apply for home support?

You apply for home support online using My Pages.

You can also fill out a PDF application and send it to heima@reykjavik.is or submit it at your district center.

If we need additional documentation, such as a medical certificate, you will be contacted. Healthcare workers can also request home support, in consultation with you, if they feel it is needed.

What happens next?

Once a signed application is available, the next step is the assessment of support needs. The assessment takes place in the applicant’s home in close collaboration with the applicant and considers the applicant’s social status, circumstances and skills.

The overall situation of people is considered in the assessment. If the assessment reveals that there is no need for support or that conditions are not met, the application is denied. If an application is accepted, a support plan is prepared in consultation with the user. This support plan sets out the goals of the service, its scope, and the main tasks.

How much does the service cost?

The cleaning fee is kr. 1345 per hour, but never more than 6 hours per month. People whose earnings are less than or equal to the Social Insurance Administration cost-of-living index do not have to pay for home support.

When home support takes place outside the home, the user must pay the costs incurred.

Home-Based Rehabilitation

People may need help restoring and maintaining their activity, health and quality of life. Through home-based rehabilitation, people receive training and counseling to suit their needs. The rehabilitation is largely carried out at the users’ home or in their local environment.

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Reykjavíkurborg leggur áherslu á að prófa og innleiða velferðartækni í þjónustu við íbúa borgarinnar með það að markmiði að auðvelda fólki að búa lengur á eigin heimili við betri lífsgæði, þrátt fyrir öldrun, fötlun eða veikindi.


Development Project for Dementia

People with dementia and their families more often than not need extra support to face a variety of challenges in their daily lives. The development project for social support due to dementia is designed to relieve the burden of home care for people with dementia and improve the quality of life for them and members of their families.


Home Nursing

Home nursing is for people of all ages who live at home and need regular health services. It involves visits by nurses or paramedics and is provided in close cooperation with users and bystanders.


Where can I find out more?

You can call the Service Center at 4 11 11 11 or send an email to heima@reykjavik.is. Service Center staff also provides information.

  • Residents of Laugardalur and Haaleiti receive home support from the Laugardalur and Haaleiti Service Center. The head of the department is Ragna Lilja Gardarsdottir, tel. 411 1500.
  • Residents of Breidholt, Arbaer, Grafarholt and Grafarvogur receive home support from the Arbaer and Grafarholt Service Center. The head of the department is Ragnheidur Thorisdottir, tel. 411 9600.
  • Residents of Hlidar, Midbaer, Vesturbaer and Seltjarnarnes receive home support from the Vesturbaer, Midborg and Hlidar Service Center. The head of the department is Kristin Blondal, tel. 411 9650.

More details are available in the Rules on Support Services