Frequent questions and answers about support services for disabled people

Here you can find frequent questions and answers about support services for disabled adults.

List of questions

Do I have the right to receive support services for disabled people?

Disabled people living in Reykjavík or planning to move there may be eligible for support services. To find out if you qualify, it's best to schedule a phone call, and we can inform you about the next steps.

The formal requirements that must be met are:

  • Assessed as needing support according to the guidelines in the Rules on Support Services for Disabled Adults with Long-Term Support Needs.
  • Have a confirmed disability diagnosis.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Live independently or with parents.
  • View Rules on Support Services

What happens if I'm not eligible for support?

If your application is denied, your counselor will discuss the available options with you and you will decide on the next steps together.

If you believe that there are special circumstances that warrant an exemption from the rules, you can submit a request for review to the Welfare Council's Appeal Board..

How are my support needs assessed?

Once you have submitted an application for support services in consultation with your counselor, the next step is a formal assessment of your support needs. The assessment takes into account your overall circumstances. If the assessment shows that there is no need for support or that the requirements are not met, your application will be denied.

If your application is approved, a service agreement will be made in consultation with you. The service agreement outlines the support that will be provided, the objectives of the service, and how the effectiveness of the support will be evaluated.

Does my age matter?

Disabled individuals who are 18 years and older can apply for support services.

Children and young people under 18 years old can receive support services tailored to their needs.

Do I need to go to an in-person interview?

No. You can also speak with your counselor over the phone or through video conferencing. Together, you will decide on the next steps, such as where you want to meet.

Which support is best for me?

During the phone call, you will receive information about the available services for you. You and your counselor will work together to determine the most suitable support for you. The counselor may also stay in touch with you to inform you about how the support will be provided.

How much does the support cost?

You will need to pay for cleaning services, at a rate of 1.470 kr. per hour, up to a maximum of 6 hours per month. However, people who only have income according to the subsistence minimum of the Social Insurance Administration do not need to pay for cleaning.

When social support is provided outside of your home, you will need to pay for yourself. Employees pay for themselves.