LGBT+ Issues

Samsett teikning af fólki og styttum skreytt regnbogalitum.

Reykjavik City’s Human Rights Policy states that discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics is prohibited. It should not be assumed that all people are heterosexual and cisgender including staff, service recipients, and people in child care, recreational, educational, and cultural work. The Human Rights and Democracy Action Plan 2019-2023 shows projects concerning LGBT+ issues.

Reykjavik City Rainbow Certification

All Reykjavik City workplaces can obtain Rainbow Certification. In order to obtain the certification, employees must participate in training on LGBT+ issues and examine the services provided by their workplace. In addition, an action plan must be devised for the purpose of making the workplace more LGBT+ friendly.

Trans Children & Schools

Trans children now come out both younger and to a greater extent than before, and schools are constantly realizing that they are not prepared for it. On this web page, information on trans children has been compiled along with two types of checklists, one for schools where a child has recently come out as a trans or is about to start studying at the school, and the other for schools that want to become 'trans friendly' regardless of whether they have trans students. A gender support plan for trans students has also been created.

LGBT+ Children & Schools

There are LGBT+ children in all schools and they are a diverse group, just like other children. However, LGBT+ children have in common the fact that they are outside the so-called norm in terms of sexual orientation, gender expression, sex characteristics, and/or gender identity. On this page you can find material such as checklists, definitions, and information about LGBT+ families, amongst other things.

Reykjavik City and Samtökin '78

Reykjavik City and the Queer Association of Iceland (Samtökin '78) signed a three-year service contract in 2021. Samtokin '78 have committed to provide services for LGBT+ people in Reykjavik, which includes LGBT+ education for children and youth in Reykjavik schools and recreation programs and counseling services for LGBT+ people and their families. The agreement also includes joint operation of Tjornin’s LGBT+ youth center. Counseling and education for students can be requested from Samtökin '78 on their website, and the services are free of charge.

There is also a provision in the contract for free LGBT+ education from Samtökin '78 to sports clubs within the Reykjavik Sports Association.

Rainbow Cities

In 2019, Reykjavik City became a member of the Rainbow Cities Network, a platform for cities working on LGBT+ issues. Its goals are to share experiences and knowledge, work together, learn from each other, and build relationships.

Reports, Brochures, and Studies

Reykjavik City Human Rights & Democracy Office.

You can contact Svandis Anna Sigurdardottir, the LGBT+ & Equality Specialist, to schedule an appointment or to learn more: