Neighborhood plan for Háaleiti and Bústaðir

Neighborhood plan for Háaleiti and Bústaðir

Dear residents of the Háaleiti and Bústaðir neighborhood.

Work on the neighborhood plan for the district is well underway, and final proposals are expected to be presented here at the beginning of 2024. Residents and other stakeholders will then have the opportunity to comment on the proposals. All comments will be addressed, and if necessary, adjustments will be made to the proposals before the plan takes effect.

Work not started
Idea search and policy making
Presentation of working proposals
Presentation of final proposals
Neighborhood plan enacted

My property

With a neighborhood plan, many homeowners will get valuable permits to expand their homes or make changes. It may also be permitted to create an accessory apartment and engage in light activity within residential dwellings. The final proposals for the neighborhood plan will reveal what conditions and permits will apply to each area.

Expansion and development of preschools and primary schools

The neighborhood plan's provisions grant construction permissions to expand and develop playgrounds and primary schools in the neighborhood.

In collaboration with the Department of Education & Youth, an assessment is conducted on the housing needs of all preschools and primary schools in the neighborhood. Projections of population and development plans for each neighborhood are considered, and generous building permits on school grounds are provided for expansions and temporary housing as needed in each location.

The hot water main conduit

The draft proposals for the Háaleiti-Bústaðir urban district plan propose to restore the old hot water main conduit as the backbone of Bústaðahverfi and a landmark that strengthens both the neighborhood spirit and improves neighborhood awareness.

The urban district plan looks towards connecting the hot water main conduit with various large and small rest and leisure areas, with interesting facilities for both the young and the elderly.

Photograph of the walkway on the hot water main conduit.

Eco-friendly transportation

Safe connections and promotion of diverse modes of transportation.


My property

Residents' rights to alterations and additions to their properties.


Green initiatives

Preservation of vegetation and enhancement of open spaces.


My neighborhood

Neighborhoods evolve with changing priorities.



Residents have an opportunity to influence the planning process.

Development sites in my neighborhood

Here you can learn about the designated major development sites for dwellings in Reykjavík's municipal plan. The plan stipulates that further densification opportunities should be explored in the neighborhood planning process.