My Neighborhood 2018

General information on My Neighborhood 2018. All the main information about the idea collection, ballot line-up and the district vote. Everything from the number of ideas submitted to the voter turnout of the Reykjavík districts.

Idea collection and review

Ideas for My Neighborhood were collected from February 27 to March 20, 2018. A total of 820 ideas were submitted in the whole of Reykjavík. As in the past, everyone was allowed to submit an idea and idea creators were encouraged to submit well-crafted ideas in accordance with the prerequisites of the idea collection. This was the seventh time that ideas were collected.

After the idea collection, the Reykjavík City professional team—comprising representatives from the Transportation Division and the Division of Open Spaces, specialists in lighting, pedestrian walkways, and streets, and the Head of Landscaping—began its assessment and relevant experts were contacted in cases that required further expert input.

After completing the idea assessment, the neighborhood councils met with City staff to evaluate the submitted ideas in the neighborhood. Subsequently, the Neighborhood Councils will line up a maximum of 25 ideas, taking into account the distribution of projects in the district and the diversity of both projects and groups for which the projects are likely to be most useful.


Voting in My Neighborhood began October 17 and ended on October 30, 2018. Participation in the participatory democracy project of My Neighborhood has never been better with a voter turnout of 12.3%. Voter turnout in 2017 was 10.9%.

All residents in Reykjavík 15 years of age and older were eligible to vote, with almost 106,000 voters. The voter register expanded by more than 2000 people between 2017 and 2018 due to the decrease in the electoral age. Of these 106,000 voters, 13,003 residents exercised their right to vote.

A total of 88 projects were voted for in the whole of Reykjavík. Since the first vote in 2012, a total of 696 projects have been voted in for implementation through the My Neighborhood project. Below are the projects selected in each district of Reykjavík.

Projects voted for implementation

Árbær and Norðlingaholt - 2018

  • Improving the surroundings for drop-off centers
  • Renovate the adventure area in Elliðaárdalur
  • Renovate walking path and surroundings near Bæjarbraut
  • Make Stínuskógur more family-friendly
  • Offer school vegetable gardens in the district
  • Multipurpose strength and climbing area
  • Walking and cycling route between Selásskóli and Árbæjarlaug Pool
  • Planting below Vorsabær and Hlaðbær

Breiðholt - 2018

  • Improving the surroundings for drop-off centers
  • Multipurpose strength and climbing area
  • Extend the walking path near Skógarsel
  • Pave part of the walking path from Engjasel to Seljaskógar
  • Multi-height basketball hoop at Breiðholtsskóli
  • Paint over graffiti and convert it into abstract images
  • Bike/stroller path from Álfabakki to Brúnastekkur
  • Improve walking paths in the outdoor recreation area on Selhryggur
  • Redo the soccer field near Engjasel
  • Circular soccer cages at selected spots in Breiðholt
  • Bring the play castle back to Ölduselsskóli's schoolyard
  • Plant fruit trees and berry bushes
  • Install a bike track at chosen location in Breiðholt
  • Enhance walking and biking route over Grænistekkur
  • Water fountain in Elliðaárdalur
  • Basketball court at Dvergabakki and Blöndubakki

Grafarholt and Úlfarsárdalur - 2018

  • Mini golf course
  • Multipurpose strength and climbing area
  • More trash bins along walking paths
  • More shelter and vegetation
  • Lighting on walking path near Ingunnarskóli
  • Planting in Úlfarsárdalur

Grafarvogur - 2018

  • More trash cans in Grafarvogur
  • Digital surveillance
  • Dry steam bath in Grafarvogslaug Pool
  • Pedestrian crossing over Hallsvegur between Rimahverfi and Foldahverfi
  • Exercise equipment near Grafarvogur
  • Dog park in Grafarvogur

Háaleiti and Bústaðir - 2018

  • Increase the number of trash bins in the neighborhood
  • Multipurpose strength and climbing area
  • Creative playground in Grundargerðisgarður
  • Fix the walking path near Ljósaland
  • Promote health along the hot water main conduit
  • Outdoor exercise equipment and water fountain near Víkingur Clubhouse
  • Bike path in the district
  • Renew the tees on the disc golf course in Fossvogur

Hlíðar - 2018

  • Bicycle gutters for the underpass beneath Miklabraut
  • Sidewalk/bike path along Klambratún
  • Improved surroundings for community recycling bins by Klambratún
  • Enhance the surroundings of recycling centers near Klambratún
  • Multipurpose strength and climbing area
  • Mini-pitch for soccer on Klambratún
  • Traffic mirror by Miklabraut
  • New square at Einholt/Skipholt

Kjalarnes - 2018

  • Zip line on the playground
  • Dry steam bath at Klébergslaug Pool
  • Install a dog park
  • Cold tub in Klébergslaug Pool

Laugardalur - 2018

  • Improved waste receptacles and garbage collection
  • Food market in Laugardalur
  • Trash bins that offer waste sorting
  • Fix the grass at the pedestrian crossing light across Sundlaugavegur
  • Multipurpose strength and climbing area
  • More recycling drop-offs in the district
  • Improve outdoor facilities near Álfheimakjarninn
  • Renew the water fountains in Laugardalur
  • Bench at Sólheimabrekka

Miðborg - 2018

  • Ice rink on the pond
  • "Jungle" for children on playgrounds in the city center
  • Green spot on Grettisgata - An oasis in the city center
  • Green moss wall that absorbs pollution
  • Replace trash bins
  • Renovate Einarsgarður
  • Renovate walking paths in Hljómskálagarður
  • Basketball hoops in the city center
  • Mural on the Power Station

Vesturbær - 2018

  • Pedestrian crossing at the shopping district on Grandi
  • Multipurpose strength and climbing area
  • Bus shelter by Melaskóli
  • Tennis court near the Hagaskóli gymnasium
  • Pedestrian crossing over Hofsvallagata by Reynimelur
  • Dog park by Vesturbæjarlaug Pool
  • Community recycling bin in Vesturbær, west of Tjörnin
  • Pedestrian crossing near Ægisborg
  • Improve the intersection of Framnesvegur and Vesturgata
  • Playground equipment at Hringbrautarróló
  • Resod the mini-pitch by Skeljagrandi
  • Install a walking path to the bus shelter by Suðurgata
  • Set up a bike track near Grandaskóli
  • Putting green on the grass near the power station