My Neighborhood 2016

General information on My Neighborhood 2016. All the main information about the idea collection, ballot line-up and the district vote. Everything from the number of ideas submitted to the voter turnout of the Reykjavík districts.

Idea collection and review

A collection of ideas for My Neighborhood was conducted from May 25 to June 15, 2016. A total of 911 ideas were submitted in the whole of Reykjavík. As in the past, everyone was allowed to submit an idea and idea creators were encouraged to submit well-crafted ideas in accordance with the prerequisites of the idea collection. This was the fifth time that ideas were collected.

After the idea collection, the Reykjavík City professional team—comprising representatives from the Transportation Division and the Division of Open Spaces, specialists in lighting, pedestrian walkways, and streets, and the Head of Landscaping—began its assessment and relevant experts were contacted in cases that required further expert input.

After completing the idea assessment, the neighborhood councils met with City staff to evaluate the submitted ideas in the neighborhood. Subsequently, the Neighborhood Councils will line up a maximum of 20 ideas, taking into account the distribution of projects in the district and the diversity of both projects and groups for which the projects are likely to be most useful.


Voting in My Neighborhood began on November 3 and ended on November 18, 2016. There were 99,034 eligible voters, of whom 9,292 voted. The voter turnout was therefore 9.4%, rising from 7.3% in 2015 when the number of voters was 6,496. A total of 122 projects were selected in the whole of Reykjavík to be implemented in 2017.

Below are the projects selected in each district of Reykjavík.

Projects voted for implementation

Árbær and Norðlingaholt - 2016

  • Renew the sidewalk near Rofabær
  • Snow melting on the path by Árbæjarlaug Pool
  • Drinking fountain at the crossroads in Elliðaárdalur
  • More benches in the neighborhood
  • Repair the area between the church and school
  • Walking path near Fylkissel
  • Information signs about the old national road
  • Improved lighting on the walking path along Höfðabakki from Bæjarháls to Elliðaárdalur
  • Better walking route from Viðarás to Reykás
  • Playground equipment for younger children in Norðlingaholt
  • Parking inset near Björnslundur
  • Improved walking path from Búðavað to the gravel path
  • Child-friendly trash bins

Breiðholt - 2016

  • More trash bins throughout the district
  • Clean the pond in Seljahverfi
  • Family area in upper Breiðholt
  • Beautify Markúsartorg near Gerðuberg
  • Repair pavements at Vesturberg
  • Rest spot in Seljahverfi
  • Hangout area for young people
  • Square at the corner of Seljabraut and Engjasel
  • Smooth the sharp turn in Elliðaárdalur
  • Obstacle course and climbing equipment in the open area in Bakkar
  • Plant vegetation along Stekkjarbakki opposite Mjódd
  • Beautify open space near Dvergabakki and Blöndubakki
  • Path between Dvergabakki and Arnarbakki
  • More bike stands around the district
  • Mark streets near walking and biking paths in Bakkar
  • Walking path at the bend near Arnarbakki
  • Improve the playground near Unufell

Grafarholt and Úlfarsárdalur - 2016

  • Trash bins at Reynisvatn
  • Additional benches and trash cans along trails in the valley
  • Disc golf in Leirárdalur
  • Planting throughout Grafarholt
  • Benches by Kristnibraut and Gvendargeisli towards Reynisvatn
  • Cultivate the area around the roundabout near Biskupsgata
  • Child-friendly trash bins

Grafarvogur - 2016

  • New water slide in the Grafarvogur Pool
  • Increase the number of trash bins in the district
  • Playground equipment for younger children by Gufunesbær
  • Plant in the area by Spöng
  • More benches by pedestrian paths
  • More infant swings in the district
  • Bench at the viewing panel by Melavegur
  • Forestry at Gufunesbær
  • Connecting pedestrian paths by Rimaskóli
  • Planting near the intersection of Hallsvegur and Strandvegur
  • Outdoor exercise equipment
  • Make walking paths from cul-de-sacs in Vættaborgir
  • Pétanque court near Gufunesbær
  • Bench in the colors of Fjölnir

Háaleiti and Bústaðir - 2016

  • Increase the number of trash bins in the district
  • Fixing steps and paths by Bústaðavegur and Austurgerði
  • Paint artwork on Réttarholtsskóli
  • History sign about the district heating channel
  • Rest area in Grundargerði Park
  • More benches in the Háaleiti Area
  • Infant swings with a parent seat
  • Rebuild the path between Kúrland and Bústaðavegur
  • Planting in selected areas in Fossvogsdalur
  • Making a rest area in the open area next to Hvassaleiti 1-9
  • Beautify and improve playgrounds in Úlfaskógur
  • Crosswalk lights on Háaleitisbraut at Lágmúli

Hlíðar - 2016

  • Improve the safety of pedestrians at the tunnel by Hlíðarendi
  • Benches and trash cans in Öskjuhlíð
  • More benches by walking paths in the district
  • A roundabout on Rauðarárstígur by Flókagata
  • Fix nets and install lower basketball hoops on the court in Klambratún
  • Fix pedestrian path on Veðurstofuhæð
  • Elevated walking path in Hamrahlíð by Stigahlíð
  • Crosswalk lights on Langahlíð by Bólstaðarhlíð
  • Pétanque field in Klambratún
  • Beautify the area surrounding Eskihlíð 2-4

Kjalarnes - 2016

  • Tables and benches outside Fólkvangur
  • Clean Coastline
  • Make the district entrance look better
  • Kitchen gardens by Fólkvangur
  • Spinning and other devices on the playground by Esjugrund
  • More bike stands around the district
  • Reykjavík signs
  • Artwork - The Reykjavík Eyes
  • Artwork – The Laupur

Laugardalur - 2016

  • Outdoor BBQ in Laugardalur
  • Hot wading pool in Laugardalur
  • Renovate sidewalk between Leirulækur and Rauðalækur
  • Basketball court next to the Ljósheimar Playground
  • Infant swings at the Ljósheimar Playground
  • Planting by Laugarnesvegur
  • Refurbish playground between Bugðulækur and Rauðalækur
  • Roundabout at Kirkjusandur-Laugarnesvegur
  • Planting on the noise barrier
  • Tree-planting by Sæbraut
  • Outdoor facilities and a bookcase at Sólheimar Museum
  • Beautify closure at Rauðalækur
  • Higher pull-up bars in Laugardalur
  • Rest area at Rauðalækur
  • Speed warning sign on Gullteigur

Miðborg - 2016

  • More trash bins in the city center
  • More benches in the city center
  • Hot wading pool in Hljómskálagarður Park
  • Improve the outdoor BBQs in Hljómskálagarður Park and cover them with an awning

Vesturbær - 2016

  • Making a walking and biking path behind Olís in Ánanaust
  • Add and beautify the shacks at Ægisíða
  • Improve illumination of the path between Hofsvallagata and Kaplaskjólsvegur
  • New sidewalk and shared-lane marking on Birkimelur
  • Poems that appear in the rain
  • Better small football fields by Ægisíða and Sörlaskjól
  • Sledding hill by the Lynghagi Playground
  • Crosswalk lights on Ánanaust
  • Infant swings with a parent seat
  • Water fountain on Eiðsgrandi
  • Extend sidewalk between Álagrandi and Flyðrugrandi