Housing for people with disabilities


It's important that people who want to live in their own homes have the opportunity to make that dream come true. Disabled people can get housing for which they pay an affordable rental price. Specific housing refers to apartments in residential nuclei for people with disabilities who need a lot of support in their own homes. It provides residents with services according to support needs 24 hours a day or part of a day.

Supported housing on single flats for people with disabilities who need some support to live in their own homes.

Am I entitled to services?

To be eligible for housing, you must: Be 18 years old. Have a validated disability diagnosis. Be assessed against the relevant assessment criteria of the Social Housing Policy and the Support Services Policy. Have a residence permit valid for a minimum of 12 months, if the applicant has a temporary residence permit in Iceland.

How do I apply for financial aid?

You apply on My Pages. If you need additional documentation, such as a medical certificate, you will be contacted.


What happens next?

After the application is received, you will be invited to an interview with a consultant who will formally assess whether all conditions are met. The assessment of support needs is carried out in close cooperation with the applicant. Subsequently, an application is accepted or rejected. Approved applications will go online pending allocation of housing. Approved applications will go online pending allocation of housing. The applicant will be informed of the services they can receive until the award. How does outsourcing take place? The allocation of premises takes place during the allocation team meetings. The applicant is notified in writing once he has been allocated housing. If the applicant has not received housing within one year of accepting an application, the consultant contacts the applicant. During the conversation, the application is updated, the status of the application on the waiting list and the possibility of allocating housing in the next 12 months is reviewed. In parallel, a consultant reviews what other resources and services are available until housing is allocated. How much does housing for people with disabilities cost? These are rented apartments and the cost of the rent depends on the size and type of housing. Rent is paid monthly and tenants may be eligible for housing allowance and special housing support.

Laws and regulations

Housing for people with disabilities is provided on the basis of the following laws and regulations:

The welfare service centre staff provide more information about housing and services for people with disabilities. You can also call the Reykjavik City Customer Service at 4 11 11 11 or email info@reykjavik.is.