Importing food products

This page provides information for persons planning to import food products into Iceland and distribute them to retailers or central kitchens (wholesale food vendors).

Activities requiring an operating permit

Generally, the distribution of food products, including importing, exporting, and selling, requires an operating permit in accordance with the Act on Foodstuffs. Food businesses, including individuals, intending to operate food distribution within the jurisdiction of Reykjavík must apply for an operating permit from the Reykjavík Public Health Authority before starting operations. It is prohibited to conduct activities requiring an operating permit without having first obtained such a permit in compliance with the law.

- Guidelines for food importation

Dietary supplements and alcohol

Special attention is drawn to the fact that dietary supplements and alcohol are considered food products under the Act on Foodstuffs. Vitamins and minerals sold individually or mixed together in prepackaged formats for retail, such as multivitamins, are classified as dietary supplements.


A food business operator is responsible for ensuring that the food products produced and/or distributed by the company are safe and comply with the provisions of Act No. 93/1995 on Foodstuffs, with subsequent amendments, and regulations established under that law, including those concerning labeling, claims, and ingredients.

It is important for the food business operator to be aware of the responsibility imposed by food legislation.