About Stefan

Born in Reykjavik on April 8, 1975, son of Pall Stefansson, health officer and Ingibjorg Haraldsdottir, upper-secondary school teacher. Grew up in Vesturbaer and studied at Melaskoli School and Hagaskoli School.

Married to congresswoman Thora Arnadottir, they have two sons.

Career & Education

Student from Reykjavik Junior College in 1995. Historian from the University of Iceland in 1998. M.Sc. in Science & Technology Studies from Edinburgh University in 2001.

Head of the Heritage Museom of Reykjavik Power Compnany, and later Reykjavik Energy from 1998 to 2010. Independent historian since 2010. Has authored several books on historical topics. Part-time teaching at the University of Iceland. Various media jobs, such as column writing and quiz game management.

Has been a Member of the Reykjavik Junior College School Board, has been a Deputy Member of the University of Iceland School Committee, and is a Member of the Gift of Jon Sigurdsson.

Social Activities

Has held various fiduciary positions for Fram FC, including in central management. Deputy Member of the Central Committee of the Campaign Against Militarism since 1999, and chair for a long time.