About Björn

Björn was born in Hafnarfjörður on April 5, 1955. He is the son of Kristín S Björnsdóttir, teacher, and Gísli T Guðmundsson, postman. Björn's older siblings are Kristín and Örn. Björn grew up in the Vogahverfi neighborhood of Reykjavík and studied at Vogaskóli. He was active in sports in his younger years and played handball with Fram.
Björn is married to Karólína Gunnarsdóttir and they have three children.

Career and education

Started learning furniture construction in 1974 from Emil Hjartarson at Meið Carpenter's Workshop. Received his master craftsman's qualifications in 1982.
Started working for the Reykjavík City Fire Department in 1981 where he became Watch Officer and later Director. At the Fire Department, Björn attended multiple courses and performed a wide range of duties, including teaching, prevention, and management in the field of civil protection.

Served as Executive Director of SHS Real Estate ehf. since 2001. SHS Real Estate is a subsidiary of the Capital Region Fire Service (SHS). Among other things, the company built the Rescue-Coordination Center, the center for all major entities in rescue work in Iceland.

Social and Fiduciary Activities

2001-(present) Board Member of Fylkir Sports Association
Was a Board Member of the Medical Transportation School (I. “Sjúkraflutningaskólinn”) and the School Council of the Fire Safety School (I. “Brunamálaskólinn”)
1994-1998 Member of the Medical Transportation Council of the Director of Health
1994-1997 Chair of the Icelandic Paramedic Association (I. “Landssamband sjúkraflutningamanna”)
1987-1989 Board Member of the Icelandic Firefighter Association (I. “Landssamband slökkviliðsmanna”)
Board Member of the Reykjavík Firewarden Association (I. “Brunavarðafélag Reykjavíkur”) for six years, for the longest time as Vice-Chair

Political Work

1997-(present) Chair of the Association of Independents (I. “Félag sjálfstæðismanna”) in Árbær, Selás, Ártúnsholt, and Norðlingaholt
1997-(present) Board Member of Vörður, the Representative Council of the Independents’ Associations in Reykjavík
Elected Deputy City Councilor for the Independence Party in 2006
Served on the Electoral Commission for the Independence Party for the 2003 General Election