Rehabilitation at Virknihús

At the Virknihús Activity Center, people have many options for rehabilitation to get a job or to increase their activity and participation levels. The goal is always to improve people’s quality of life and increase their opportunities in life, focusing on self-empowerment, learning and recovery.

How do I get rehabilitated?

Most of the rehabilitation resources are for people who receive social counseling from the City of Reykjavík. You should contact a Service Center to ask for social counseling. Your consultant will then evaluate with you which resources are best suited to your needs.


Eighteen months of rehabilitation for people with chronic social problems due to drug use. It aims to support people for self-help through participation in learning or employment. The emphasis is on recovery, self-empowerment, enhancement of social skills and general engagement in the community. In addition, there is support for participation in study, work or other activities.


Rehabilitation for mothers aged 24–45 who have chronic social problems. The aim is to improve the quality of life and to support people studying or entering the labor market. The focus is on self-empowerment, academic or vocational learning, and improving social skills, general engagement and job search assistance.

Individual placement and support

Counseling and assistance for individuals receiving financial aid to find jobs with support. The aim is to improve the quality of life of individuals and their engagement through gaining employment. The support consists of follow-up, interviews and counseling to both employees and employers.


Resources for single parents aged 18-34 who receive financial aid, a rehabilitation pension, or disability pension. The main goal is for people to increase their quality of life and that of their children. A plan is drawn up with the individual with the aim of increasing self-empowerment, engagement and participation in work and play. The rehabilitation period is individually determined.

Bataskóli Recovery School

Bataskóli Recovery School is for individuals 18 years of age and older who have mental health challenges. It offers a variety of courses written and held by people from different backgrounds. Bataskóli works under a recovery-oriented philosophy. You can apply directly to Bataskóli without receiving social counseling from the City of Reykjavík.


The Welfare Department of the City of Reykjavík partners with Hugarafl. Hugarafl serves individuals receiving financial aid who need rehabilitation for mental health challenges.