Tak i lige måde: Contemporary Art from Denmark.
Four well-known Danish artists show their work at the exhibition Tak i lige måde: Contemporary Art from Denmark, which will be opened at the Reykjavik Art Museum in Hafnarhús on Friday evening 23 February at 20h00. The participants from Denmark are Jeannette Ehlers, Jesper Just, John Kørner and Tinne Zenner.
Winter School Holiday: Free entrance for adults accompanied by children and creative writing workshops.
Due to winter school holiday in Reykjavík, there will be free entrance for adults accompanied by children at Kjarvalsstaðir, Hafnarhús and Ásmundarsafn from 15-18 February. Additionally, Reykjavík Art Museum offers a two-day creative writing workshop for 8-12 years old in relation to the exhibition Tales of the Unseen.
Various events on Museum Night at Reykjavík Art Museum.
Musum Night, Friday, 2 February at 18–23h00 Ásmundarsafn – Kjarvalsstaðir – Hafnarhús
Exhibition Opening – Invasion I: Guðmundur Thoroddsen.
The first in a series of exhibitions, titled Invasion at Reykjavík Art Museum – Ásmundarsafn, opens on Museum Night, Friday, 2 February at 17h00.
A record number of plots for housing was allocated by the city last year.
A record number of plots for new apartments was approved by the Reykjavik City Council in 2017. The vast majority was assigned to non-profit-making construction associations.
The exhibition The Whole is Always Smaller than its Parts at Hafnarhús.
The exhibitionThe Whole is Always Smaller than its Parts by Páll Haukur Björnsson opens on Thursday, 25 January at 17h00 in the D-Hall at Reykjavík Art Museum, Hafnarhús. Björnsson is the 32nd artist to exhibit his work in the D-Hall series which started in 2007. 
Tap water is perfectly ok for most people although soil bacteria has been detected in it.
Soil bacteria has been detected in water in several drinking water wells in Reykjavík, caused by recent rains and quick changes in air temperature, thawing and freezing in short time periods. The bacteria is not harmful to healthy people but the Reykjavík Health Department recommends that water should be boiled for vulnerable individuals. 
Last exhibition days – D31 Anna Rún Tryggvadóttir: Garden.
The last day of the exhibition Garden by Anna Rún Tryggvadóttirin in Gallery D, Hafnarhús,  is Sunday, 14 January.
The exhibitions Kjarval: la durée & Tales of the Unseen.
Two shows will be opened at the Reykjavík Art Museum – Kjarvalsstaðir Saturday 13 January, at 16h00. A new exhibition of the works of Jóhannes S. Kjarval (1885-1972), entitled Kjarval: la durée, curated by Aldís Arnardóttir and the exhibition Tales of the Unseen, which shows the work of six Icelandic artists; Alfreð Flóki (1938-1987), Ásta Sigurðardóttir (1930-1971), Jóhanna Bogadóttir (1944), Kristinn Pétursson (1896-1981), Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir (1977) and...
Ásmundur Sveinson's Sculpture Garden.
Opening hours at Hafnarhús, Kjarvalsstaðir and Ásmundarsafn around Christmas and New Year.

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