Drop-off points are being made smarter

Waste collection

Larger drop-off points accept paper, plastic, glass, metals, textiles, and bottles.
Illustration of containers at a drop-off point.

Smart upgrades of SORPA's drop-off points in Reykjavík are in progress in postal codes 108-113 and 162 for the next two weeks. During this time, services at the drop-offs may be reduced. We thank the residents for their understanding.

Sensors will be installed in all public recycling bins in Reykjavík to indicate when the bins are full. The public recycling bins will have a new look and their labeling system will be standardized to match the new labels on bins at homes.

Small and large drop-off points

With the new, standardized sorting system, bins for mixed household waste, food scraps, plastic, and paper have been placed at every home. As a result, the need for public recycling bins for these categories has decreased, and drop-off points have taken on a new role.

It is planned that drop-off points accepting metals, glass, textiles, and bottles will not be more than 500 meters away from homes where possible. These stations are called small drop-offs and there will be nearly 30 in Reykjavík.

Larger drop-off points that accept paper, plastic, glass, metals, textiles, and bottles will total about 30, and they are intended to be no more than about one kilometer away from homes.