Summer jobs for 17-year-olds in vulnerable situations


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Reykjavík City will offer up to 50 summer jobs this summer for 17-year-olds in vulnerable situations. The City Executive Council approved this today, and the total cost for hiring 50 youths for eight weeks is estimated at 50.6 million Icelandic króna. The goal is to include this group in the Icelandic labor market and for Reykjavík City to support youth in vulnerable situations in their first steps in job searching, demonstrating social responsibility.

Summer development project

Over the past years, the City Executive Council has approved funds for creating additional summer jobs for 17-year-olds in Reykjavík who apply for summer jobs but do not get them. These have been about 150 to 200 jobs, lasting six to eight weeks. A working group on the future arrangement of summer jobs for 17-year-olds submitted its report last January. After reviewing its recommendations and assessing the cost and current labor market situation, it was decided to launch a development project this summer, focusing on creating 50 jobs in Reykjavík City's relevant departments for 17-year-old young people in vulnerable situations.

Jobs tailored to the needs of the group

This development project will be useful for mapping and further examining the future arrangement of summer jobs for this group, which has fallen through the cracks in recent years and not received suitable employment. Jobs will be tailored to the needs of the group to serve as a bridge into regular summer jobs when the individuals turn 18, such as by simplifying jobs and offering flexible work options. The youth will go through preparatory interviews to map out what kind of jobs suit them. There will also be an emphasis on education about rights and obligations in the labor market, preparation for job searching, and key job search resources.

Support available for those who need it

It's unclear how large the group is, as 17-year-olds have graduated from primary school, and its size will be systematically studied in cooperation with the city's Service Centers. Contact will be made with entities working with young people facing difficulties, such as the consolidated Center for refugees, Service Centers, school counselors in secondary schools, work-related learning programs, and Hitt Húsið Youth Center. For further information about the project, please contact

The cost of hiring 50 17-year-olds for eight weeks is about 48 million Icelandic króna, but additional costs, such as for interpretation services and support for the first steps into the labor market, should be expected. The estimated total cost is, therefore, nearly 50.6 million Icelandic króna.