62% of vehicles not on studded tires


Studded tires

The ratio of studded to non-studded tires was calculated this week following a count. The ratio indicates that 38% of vehicles are on studded tires and 62% on other types of tires. The ratio is also slightly lower than the last count in January, when it was at 40%.

Counts in the past years

At the same time last year, the ratio was 40% on studded and 60% on non-studded.

Two years ago, the ratio was also the same at 40% but three years ago it was 41.5%, and four years ago it was 41%.

Thus, the ratio has remained similar around 40% during this season over the past four years, though it can be asserted that the gap is widening, and more are choosing non-studded tires than before.

The next count is scheduled for mid-April.