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Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about kindergartens.


Elementary School

Here you will find FAQs and answers about primary education.


Holiday homes

Here you'll find frequently asked questions and answers about vacation homes.


Hvenær verður gatan mín rudd?

Foundation tracks, bus routes and multi-storey museum streets enjoy priority. Residential streets are cleared only if they are heavy with private vehicles, heavy slippery, or snow depths greater than 15 inches. An exception may be made if there is a risk of freezing once snow ridges have formed. Snow clearing is limited to making these pores achievable. During snow clearing of residential streets, it is likely that during driveways a snow drift will develop which the City of Reykjavik will not be responsible for clearing. It therefore falls to the occupants themselves to clear away snow from driveways.

Hvar get ég nálgast salt eða sand yfir vetrartímann?

Salt and sand can be found at Reykjavík City's local stations.

Electronic Applications


All vacancies are advertised on the city's website.


Parking spaces

Hvað eru stöðvunarbrotagjöld?

Suspension Violation Charges are two types:

  1. Extra parking fees that are applied to cars where the use of a paid parking space has not been paid for or has been paid for too long.
  2. Violation charges imposed on vehicles due to illegal repairs according to the detailed traffic legislation.

Hvernig borga ég stöðvunarbrotagjald?

Þú getur greitt stöðvunarbrotagjald (oft kallað stöðumælasekt) með því að:

  • Velja ógreidda reikninga í heimabanka og greiða á sama hátt og aðra reikninga
  • Mæta í bankann og borga þar

Get ég borgað stöðvunarbrotagjald með millifærslu?

Það er ekki hægt að greiða stöðvunarbrotagjald (oft kallað stöðumælasekt) með millifærslu. 

Hvernig borga ég stöðvunarbrotagjald í heimabankanum ef gjaldið er ekki á minni kennitölu??

1. Opnaðu formið „Greiðsluseðlar“ í heimabankanum þínum. Vertu með miðann með gjaldinu (stöðumælasektina) við hendina.

2. Sláðu inn kröfulínuna eins og hún er á miðanum. Kröfulínan er neðst á miðanum og er sett upp svona:

  • Kennitala bílastæðasjóðs
  • Númer gjaldsins
  • Flokkur 03, banki 513, höfuðbók 66
  • Gjalddagi (passið að setja inn gjalddagann sem er á miðanum, ekki neina aðra dagsetningu)
  • Kennitala eiganda ökutækisins.

Þegar greitt er í heimabanka er best að nota vafra, ekki app. 

Er hægt að andmæla sekt?

Resumption of the decision imposing the suspension infringement fee may be requested by sending a request within 28 days of the date of imposition. The general delivery time is 2-4 weeks.

Hverjir eiga rétt á íbúakorti?

Residents with legal residence in chargeable areas of Reykjavík who do not have a parking space on their property can apply for an Resident Card. The tenant must provide a censored lease agreement, as well as the consent of the owner of an apartment. One card may be issued per apartment. The person applying shall be the owner or person in charge of a vehicle according to the vehicle register. Vehicle shall be longer than 5.3 meters or wider than 2.0 meters. The applicant must be indebted to the Parking Fund.

You can apply for a Resident Card and access more information on the Parking Fund page.

Hvað kostar að leggja í bílastæði í Reykjavík?

There are four different fee zones in the city and there are a wide range of payment options. More detailed information is available on the Parking Fund website.

Hvað eru mörg bílastæðahús í Reykjavík?

The City of Reykjavik operates seven parking houses: Starport, Vitatorg, Kolaport, West Street, City Hall, Traðarkot and Bergstaðir. The price varies between parking houses. You can find detailed information about the fee structure, opening hours, number of parking spaces, available parking spaces and location on the parking fund page.

Real estate charges

Hvar get ég séð álagningu fasteignagjalda?

The estate charge accrual slips can be accessed electronically.

Hvar get ég nálgast greiðsluseðla vegna fasteignagjalda?

Real estate fees are charged at online banks and payment slips can be accessed there under e-documents/online statements.

Debit notes for property charges are generally not mailed unless specifically requested. A payment slip can be requested electronically.

Hvernig virkar afsláttur af fasteignagjöldum?

There is no need to specifically apply for a reduction or waiver of property fees. The Finance Bureau carries out changes to the property tax and the withdrawal fee according to the old age and disability tax returns. You can see details about discounts on property fees.

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Hvar finn ég nánari upplýsingar um fasteignagjöld?

You will find more information on the web site.

More about the project

Swimming Pool

How much does it cost to go swimming in Reykjavik?

Children (0—5 years) - Free
Children (6—17 years) - 175 kr.
Adults (18 years and older) — 1,100 kr.
Senior citizens aged 67 and over — Free

Can children go swimming alone?

10-year-old children are allowed to go swimming without an escort. The age limit is based on June 1 of the year the child turns 10.

Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to go swimming unless accompanied by someone over the age of 15 who can swim.

Are there facilities for people with disabilities at Reykjavík City swimming pools?

Yes, you can find information about accessibility at the City's pools on the web. Click on the swimming pool you want to know more about to see how the facilities are.

When are the pools open?

Information about the opening times of swimming pools can be found on the city's page.


Q&A about financial aid

Do you have any questions about garbage collection, sorting, or recycling?

Grá tunna með talblöðru: "Á ég að sjá um þetta rusl?"

Services for older persons

Hvernig sæki ég um akstursþjónustu?

Driving services can be applied for by completing an electronic application or by returning a completed and printed application to the City Service Center.

Hvernig sæki ég um heimsendan mat?

You can apply for a worldwide assessment by submitting a completed application to a service center in your neighborhood. Once an application is assessed and processed based on the applicant's skills and abilities, they will receive a response by mail. As a result, you can order meals that are driven home to the door.

Where can I access my house drawings?

All main drawings of houses can be accessed in our blueprint archive. Customer service drawing delivery is open every working day from 08:20 - 16:00. Copies of drawings are available for a fee. Unfortunately, electronic requests for drawings are not accepted.


Certificate of employment

Hvar get ég nálgast upplýsingar um starfsferil minn hjá Reykjavíkurborg?

  • You will log in to the support site to submit a certificate of employment.
  • An electronic ID or ID wedge must be used for authentication.
  • The information should be aimed at the last place of work at the City of Reykjavik.
  • The certificate will be emailed to you. Please provide a valid email address and mobile phone number (if you need to contact the recipient).
  • The minutes will be provided within two weeks of the date of receipt. Please make it clear if the matter concerns a certificate of employment for the employment agency.
Please note that the delivery time for employment certificates may vary considerably, depending on how far back you have to look for information.

Hvað er starfsvottorð?

A certificate of employment is a confirmation by the previous employer of the period of employment and job title performed by the employee. They are used, among other things, to establish the experience and seniority of individuals.

Employment certificates from other employers may therefore affect the employee's pay to raise and sick leave entitlements (work in rural communities or state).