About Laugardalslaug Pool

Swimming and bathing is believed to have been frequented for hundreds of years in Laugardalur Valley. A bathing pool is reported to the south of Laugarnes in 1772. Swimming lessons began in 1824, albeit exclusively for boys. In 1907-1908, the Reykjavik town council commissioned a pool made from stone, and it is probably the first sports facility built by the town. Since then swimming has been practised in Laugardalur Valley.


Einar Sveinsson, Bjarni Konradsson, Jes Einar Thorsteinsson.

Year of Construction

Main building 1968.

Extension 1986.

History of the building

The construction of Laugardalslaug Pool began in 1958 just south of Sundlaugavegur. The pool opened on June 1, 1968. The cost of building the pool was 73,928,000 kr. Construction of a new bathing and changing facility for the pool began in 1981. The extension opened in 1986. The cost of building the extension was 124,200,000 kr. A 50-meter indoor pool and hot tub were opened in 2005. In 2007, a new tub was made at the eastern end of the pool. The tub has sea water pumped in from Reykjavik Energy’s well at Laugarnes and the sea is heated to 40°C before going into the tub.

Size of the Building: 5,002 m2 Volume: 14,610 m3
No. of parking spaces: 210  

Main Pool

Length: 50 m, width: 22 m Maximum Depth: 1.76 m Smallest Depth: 0.80 m There are 4 cleaning devices.
Surface area: 1,100 m2 Volume: 1,000 m3 Temperature: 28°C Number of Lanes: 8

Children's Pool

The pool is kidney shaped Maximum Depth: 0.80 m Smallest Depth: 0.80 m There are 2 cleaning devices.
Surface area: 400 m2 Volume: 320 m3 Temperature: 29°C  

Wading Pool - Dish

Diameter: 4.50 m Maximum Depth: 0.40 m Smallest Depth: 0.00 m
Surface area: 30 m2 Volume: 3 m3 Temperature: 32°C

Aireated Pool - Stone Pot

Surface area: 30 m2 Volume: 17 m3 Temperature: 39°C

Hot Tubs

Tub 1 Temperature: 40°C 7.0 m2 - 5.6 m3
Tub 2 Temperature: 38°C 7.0 m2 - 5.6 m3
Tub 3 Temperature: 42°C 7.0 m2 - 5.6 m3
Tub 4 Temperature: 44°C 7.0 m2 - 5.6 m3

Salt Water Tub

Surface area: 20 m2 Volume: 15 m3 Temperature: 39°C

Cold Tub

Surface area: 2 m2 Volume: 2 m3 Temperature: 6-8°C

Indoor Pool

Length: 50 m, width: 25 m Maximum Depth: 2 m Smallest Depth: 2 m There are 5 cleaning devices
Surface area: 1,125 m2 Volume: 2,500 m3 Temperature: 28°C Number of Lanes: 10

Indoor Tub

Surface area: 9 m2 Volume: 7 m3 Temperature: 39°C

Steam Room

Common to men and women in the outdoor area. 18 square meters.

Playing Equipment

The pool has a large water slide. The slide is 8 meters high and 84 meters long. A small slide of 2 meters in height is at the children's pool and the snake is a 2 meter slide for children under 120 cm. A "Wipeout" track is in the corner of the children's pool. There are 8 mini golf courses by the pool. Outdoor cardio equipment. The basement has 2 gyms for a total of 250 m2. The equipment room is 130 m2. The pool has marked jogging tracks of 3 and 5 km.

Beach volleyball courts

Two full-size beach volleyball courts were opened in June 2015.

Outdoor Changing Rooms

Outdoor changing rooms for both sexes are at the eastern end of the main pool. The change rooms are open all year round and were renovated in 2013.


Laugardalslaug Pool has food and beverage sales and you can buy a variety of light snacks, cosmetics, swimwear and more. There is a restaurant for 90 guests and a meeting room.

Directors since opening:

Ragnar Steingrimsson 1968-1986
Kristjan Ogmundsson 1986-2003
Stefan Kjartansson 2003-2005
Logi Sigurfinnsson 2005-2019
Sigurdur Vidisson 2019-

Assistand Director:

Marteinn Kristinsson 1988-1999

Project Manager:

Bjarni Kjartansson 1999-2005

Operations Managers:

Asgeir Sigurdsson 2005-2014
Bjarni Kjartansson 2005-