Information for investors

This page displays various financial information from the City of Reykjavík that can be useful to investors. Reykjavík City has listed bond classes on the Stock Exchange and holds regular public offerings.

The City of Reykjavík's finances are based on the laws and regulations that apply to municipal finances, having responsible and strong financial management as a guideline.

Market making

Market making with bond classes RVK 53 1, RVK 32 1, RVKN 35 1, and RVKG 48 1 is handled by Arion Bank, Kvika banki, Landsbanki, and Íslandsbanki.

Green bonds

Reykjavík City has established a Green Bond Framework for issuing green bonds and is the first to issue these bonds on the Icelandic market before Icelandic companies.


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