Reykjavik’s Decade of Housing Development

Housing for All – 10,000 Apartments in Five Years.

During the meeting, the Mayor presents new priorities and increased momentum in the construction of apartments. We will present the results of the Green Housing of the Future for the plots by Frakkastigur, on the plot of the old Meteorological Office, and in Breidholt. In addition, we will review the status of projects in Reinventing Cities and Affordable Housing.

Reykjavik presents the housing development potential within the City that doubles the number of dwellings that can be built over the next five years.

What are the findings of the selection board for the Green Housing of the Future? Where and how are apartments being built in Reykjavik to meet this need?

Time & Place

Welcome to Reykjavik City Hall on Friday, April 1, from 9 to 10:30 am, or watch the live stream. The building opens at 8:30 am with a light breakfast.



Housing for All - 10,000 Apartments in Five Years
Dagur B. Eggertsson, borgarstjóri
-Sjá erindi borgarstjóra

New Development Sites

-View Developer Presentations

Orkan Site
Gunnar Thoroddsen, Chair of Islenskar fasteignir

Heklan Site
Orn Kjartansson, Managing Director of Framkvaemdafelag Laugavegar ehf.

Sigurdur Smari Gylfason, Managing Director of Thorpid.

Haukahlid 2
- Sigurlaug Sigurjonsdottir, Architect at ASK arkitektar.

Growth of Non-Profit Housing Development

Byggingafelag Namsmanna, Arnarbakki
- Bodvar Jonsson, Managing Director of Byggingafelag Namsmanna

Buseti, Artunshofdi and Kirkjusandur 
- Bjarni Thor Thorolfsson, Managing Director of Buseti

Bjarg Housing Foundation, Brekknaas, Haaleitisbraut
- Bjorn Traustason, Managing Director of Bjarg

Residential housing for young people and first-time buyers

Hilmar Steinar Sigurdsson, Managing Director of Hverfid Gufunes ehf.

Rokkvatjorn 2
Gisli Orn Bjarnhedinsson, Managing Director of Urdarsel

Senior Citizens' Quality of Life Clusters

Slettuvegur- Hrafnista
Ariel Petursson, Chair of Sjomannadagsrad hofudborgarsvaedisins

Green Housing of the Future
-View Presentation

Green Development Sites – Competition Results
Hulda Hallgrimsdottir and Hilmar Hildar Magnusarson, Project Managers at the Reykjavik Employment & City Development Team.