Social Rental Housing


There are a number of reasons why people may not be able to own or rent property in the public market. There, social conditions, income and expenditure tend to play a major role. People in this situation can apply for social housing for which they pay an affordable rental price.

Am I entitled to services?

To be eligible for public social renting from the City of Reykjavik, you need to meet a few requirements. They are about age and legal residence, property ownership, income, and minimum points according to certain assessment criteria.

Where do I apply for housing?

You apply on My Pages. When you submit an application for a public social rent, you also grant permission for the collection of data from the tax authorities and the National Court Register. In some cases, you may need to ask for more information.

What happens next?

After the application is received, you will be invited to an interview with a consultant who will formally assess whether all conditions are met. The assessment will be conducted in close collaboration with you and will take into account, among other things, your current housing status, income, health and social conditions. An application is subsequently accepted or rejected. See more about the application process and the allocation of social rented housing

Special Housing Aid

Special housing aid is financial assistance to families and individuals in the rental market who need special support for payment of rent in addition to the standard housing benefits.


Where can I find out more?

General social rented housing is provided on the basis of the following laws and regulations:

For more information, please contact our service center staff. You can also call Reykjavik City Customer Service at 411 1111 or email