About Kjartan

Kjartan was born on December 5, 1967. He lives on Havallagata 42. He was born and raised in Reykjavik, son of Magnus Thordarson, Executive Director and the author Aslaug Ragnars.


1999-2018 City Councilor, alongside journalism and consultancy work.
2000-2004 Chair of IntelScan microwave technology.
1991-1999 Journalist at Morgunbladid.


1990-1993 Studied history at the University of Iceland.
1988 Matriculation examination from Reykjavik Junior College.

Political Career

2001-2003 Board Member of Althjodahus ehf.
1998-2002 Member of the Parnership Committee on Police Enforcement in Reykjavik.
1998-2002 Board Member of the Reykjavik School of Work.
1996-1998 Member of Reykjavik Public Health Committee.
1995-1998 Member of Reykjavik Housing Committee.
1994-2002 Member of Reykjavik Equal Opportunities Committee.
1994-2000 Board Member of Reykjavik Public Transport.
1994-1999 Deputy City Councilor in Reykjavik.
1991-1993 Board Member of the Representative Council of the Independents’ Associations in Reykjavik.
1989-1993 Member of the board of Heimdallur, the association of young independents in Reykjavik, treasurer 1989-1991, chair 1991-1993.