About Dagur

Dagur Bergthoruson Eggertsson is the mayor of Reykjavik City. Dagur is the City Council Chair for the Social Democratic Alliance and former Vice-President of the party. He has held the position of mayor since 2014.

Dagur was born on June 19, 1972. He was born in Oslo, but was raised in the neighborhood of Arbaer, the son of Eggert Gunnarsson, veterinarian, and Bergthora Jonsdottir, biochemist. Dagur is married to Arna Dogg Einarsdottir, a doctor at Landspitali — The National University Hospital of Iceland. Their daughters are Ragnheidur Hulda and Moeidur, and their sons are Steinar Gauti and Eggert.


2002-2004 Physician in the Accident and Emergency Department and Physician in the Infection Department of Landspitali — The National University Hospital of Iceland
2001 Health Center Physician in Isafjordur
2000-2001 Assistant Physician at Landspitali — The National University Hospital of Iceland
Author of the biography of Steingrimur Hermannsson, I-III (Published in 1998, 1999, 2000)
1995-1998 Radio Programmer Channel 1 (I. “Rás 1”) of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service
1995-1996 Executive Director of the Student Innovation Fund
1994-1995 Student Council Chair at the University of Iceland


2005 Master's Degree in Human Rights and International Law from the University of Lund
1999 Candidatus Medicinae in Medicine from the University of Iceland
1992 Matriculation examination from Reykjavik Junior College
Arbaejarskoli School

General Social Activities

1997-1999 Board Member of the Student Community Institute
1995-1997 Member of the Committee for the Reform of the Act on LIN (Icelandic Student Loan Fund)
1994-1995 Chair of the University of Iceland Student Council
1994-1996 Member of Student Council for Roskva, the Association of Socially Minded People

Political Career

Mayor since June 2014
Chair of the City Executive Council 2010–2014
Vice-President of the Social Democratic Alliance from 2009-2013
Mayor October 2007-January 2008
City Council Chair for the Social Democratic Alliance in 2006
Chair of the Planning Council from 2004-2006
Elected to City Council for the Reykjavik City Candidate List in May 2002