Usage Permit

Permits for urban land uses must be applied for in accordance with the Police Approval. The Office of Operations and Care of the City Land is responsible for the delivery and issuance of permits for use.

Before applying

If there is a planned operation, event, or other use of city land, apply for a use permit. If the use is within a private plot of land, the consent of the owner of the plot of land must be obtained. It should be noted that a permit should be applied to the Road Administration for the use of urban highways and to the Fax Office for the use within port boundaries. In the city web view you can see the demarcation of the city landscape, urban highways and port boundaries. See more information before applying for a Permit to Use

Application for surface perforation

The use permit must be applied for in the RoSy electronic application system. The applicant himself is responsible for obtaining supporting documentation and his application is not considered until all documentation is available.

Event Application/ Other Uses

This can include filming, outdoor concerts, outings, mass walks, sports competitions, and other events of all kinds. Other uses of city land include farm transport containers, work platforms, work lifts, cranes, other work tools, and so on. The use permit must be applied for in the RoSy electronic application system.

How do I get a license?

Application processing time is assessed on a case-by-case basis based on the nature and extent of the execution or event. See more information about how to issue a license

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