Event Application/ Other Uses

This can include filming, outdoor concerts, outings, mass walks, sports competitions, and other events of all kinds.

Other Uses Details

Other uses of city land are for forming farmland transport containers, work platforms, work elevators, cranes, other work tools, and so on.

Street and square sales are agreed and should be directed to the address square sales@reykjavik.is.

The permit for outdoor provision and placement of catering tables on the sidewalk is issued by the building supervisor in Reykjavik and should be directed to the construction site addressfulltrui@reykjavik.is. It is strongly emphasized that a service area is defined and delimited, that all equipment is accounted for and that all road users should pay for a safe and unhindered route past the service area.

City Land signage is governed thereby.

Work areas labelling

The CoR and the Road Safety Agency require labelling of work areas in order to ensure the safety of workers in the work area, to ensure the safety of unprotected road users by means of accessible pedestrian and cycling routes, to minimise traffic losses and to maximise speed of execution.

The CoR and Roadmap guidelines have established standard drawings for different work areas. A special drawing is required in cases of greater interference with pedestrian access and more complex crossings.

The work area marking designer and the person responsible for the work area marking must have passed the work area marking test on behalf of the Road Administration and the CoR. Engineering firms or other entities with such rights may also be consulted to design and guarantee work area markings.

The licensee must obtain signs and markings himself. The licensee must obtain signs and markings himself. Those who do not have signs and markings can get them rented from the City of the Land Service Desk in the Grand Canal.

Detail Rules for Workspace Labelling Standard drawings of work area markings. List of persons entitled to workspace markups.

Inquiries and/or Tips

The telephone hours for use permits are Monday to Thursday at 10:30–11:30 at 411 1111.

You can also send inquiries and suggestions to us at usage@reykjavik.is or call customer service at the number listed above and leave a message.