Accessibility at Vesturbaejarlaug Pool


Information on the entryway, private changing rooms, wheelchair access, lifts, poolside and tub facilities, and discounts in pools.


  • Private changing room and shower
  • Accessibility without having to go to a public locker
  • Wheelchair accesse to the new hot tub
  • Wheelchair-accessible pool
  • Walkers

Private Changing Rooms

Private changing rooms are specifically intended to welcome transgender people (and children), including non-binary people, intersex people (and children), parents of children with disabilities and children who need special assistance and are of a different sex, persons with disabilities with a helper of a different gender, children who assist parents who are of a different sex, and people with health problems, such as people with stomas.


Swimming is free for people with disabilities who show a disability card or ITR swimming card, issued by Sjalfsbjorg Association of Physically Disabled People in the capital area.