Terms and conditions for Department of Culture & Sport cards

The card user terms apply to swimming passes for the pools in Reykjavík, Geothermal Beach, and passes for the Reykjavík Family Park & Zoo.

1. Acceptance of terms

By purchasing and/or using swim passes for the swimming pools in Reykjavík, and abiding by the rules of conduct at the facilities, the cardholder agrees to comply with these terms and conditions

2. Definitions

The following terms have these meanings where they appear in these terms:

  • The swimming pools in Reykjavík are:

    • Árbæjarlaug Pool
    • Breiðholtslaug Pool
    • Dalslaug Pool
    • Grafarvogslaug Pool
    • Klébergslaug Pool
    • Laugardalslaug Pool
    • Sundhöll Reykjavík Pool
    • Vesturbæjarlaug Pool

  • Adult – an individual who is 18 years of age or older.
  • Multi-visit pass – a swim pass with a prepaid number of visits
  • Fixed-term pass – a card issued with a person's name and ID number, intended for the individual's personal use only.
  • Complimentary pass - an access card provided to an individual free of charge, covered by institutions.
  • Access card - are reusable plastic cards that can be refilled. They function as self-service cards which need to be scanned at entrance gates.

3. User guidelines

Multi-visit pass

  • is a card with credits for a specific number of visits.
  • is issued to an individual's ID number
  • multi-visit passes can be used by more than one person
  • multi-visit passes are not valid for groups.
  • multi-visit passes are valid for 48 months from the date of purchase.

Fixed-term pass

  • are cards issued for a specific individual and are for personal use by that individual.
  • are differentiated for children, adults, seniors, and other defined groups.
  • the card grants access to swimming facilities over a predefined period.
  • the card can be used once a day at self-service gates, but if the owner chooses to use the card again the same day they must go to the service desk.
  • complimentary passes can only be used once a day.
  • a photo is taken of the owner of a fixed-term pass for identification if they are over 18 years old.
  • if the cardholder does not consent to be photographed, they must present identification at the service desk upon each visit.

Family pass

  • Valid for two adults and four children. It is possible to add more individuals for a fee.
  • Only registered cardholders can use the card. Cardholders cannot be exchanged during the period of validity.
  • Provides access during regular service hours and to events hosted by the park.
  • When using the card, it is permissible to request the presentation of identification.
  • A photo is taken of family pass owners for identification if they are over 18 years old.
  • If the cardholder does not allow photography, they need to go to checkout at each visit and show identification.

These rules apply to all swim passes issued by Reykjavík City.

4. Fee schedule

Reykjavík City publishes an annual fee schedule for the swimming pools of Reykjavík. The fee schedule for each year is available on the Reykjavík City website and at the facilities.

5. Return policy

Multi-visit passes cannot be exchanged for fixed-term passes.

Cards cannot be temporarily deposited.

Transfer of fixed-term passes to another ID number is not possible.

6. Defaults, card cancellation

If a cardholder breaches the user rules according to these terms or repeatedly and egregiously violates the conduct rules of the swimming pools, the Department of Culture & Sports has the authority to revoke and close the card without notice.

If an individual is found presenting a fixed-term pass registered to another person, the Department of Culture & Sports has the authority to close the card in question.

7. Lost cards

The cardholder can report a lost card at the nearest swimming pool or send an email to sundkort@reykjavik.is to have their credit transferred to a new access card.

Payment for a new access card is required according to the current fee schedule.

The cardholder is responsible for all use of the card up until its closure.

8. Inquiries

All inquiries regarding swim passes should be sent to sundkort@reykjavik.is. You can also contact the Department of Culture & Sports office by calling 411-1111. .

9. Data protection

The handling and processing of personal information by Reykjavík City is governed by Act No 90/2018 on Data Protection and the Processing of Personal Data (“Data Protection Act”). By accepting these terms, the cardholder authorizes Reykjavík City to process data generated by the use of swim passes.

The processing of personal information in connection with the use of swim passes is carried out by the Reykjavík Department of Culture & Sports. The primary purpose of processing personal information is to provide the services requested by the cardholder, which are rendered upon presenting the swim pass. The processing is based on the informed consent of the registered individual.

If the user does not provide the requested personal information, it may result in the inability to approve the application for a swim pass issuance. The user has the right to withdraw their consent at any time. However, withdrawal of consent will not affect the legality of the processing of personal information based on the consent prior to its withdrawal. Termination of a swim pass agreement should be directed to sundkort@reykjavik.is You can also contact us via phone at 411-1111. Access to the processing of personal information is limited to those employees who need it for their work.

Reykjavík City uses information such as the cardholders' name, photo, ID number, and email address to identify them at the service station gates. These personal details are also processed in order to issue replacement for lost cards when applicable, and to transfer account balances between identifiers if requested. Reykjavík City may also use the contact details of cardholders to alert them in case of service disruptions.

Reykjavík City will also utilize users' personal information for statistical analysis to improve services to users and to study their utilization, such as to determine the number of visitors in each service area at any given time.

In cases where employees of Reykjavík City request the issuance of a swim pass, personal information is communicated from their immediate superior to the Office of the Department of Culture & Sports of Reykjavík so that swim passes can be issued in accordance with the rules of Reykjavík City regarding employment conditions.

Users can request information on their personal data that is stored at any time in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Contact may be made with the Data Protection Officer of Reykjavík City by calling 411-1111 or by sending an email to personuverndarfulltrui@reykjavik.is

10. Laws and legal venue

These terms are governed by Icelandic law, as well as any issues arising from their use unless otherwise specifically agreed upon.

Cases arising from violations of these terms may be brought before the Reykjavík District Court.

11. Validity

These terms are effective from December 1, 2023

Reykjavík, August 24, 2023