Layout view

From the CoR's Planning view, you can access the approved division and master plans for the city. The service is open to everyone and free of charge.

What information can you access in the Layout view?

The web screen is bi-directional. On the one hand, it provides access to the established division plan and the terms of the division plan, and on the other hand, to the CoR's master plan (AR2010 - 2030), which contains a more general strategic framework for city planning. The latest aerial photos of the city and themes selected from the Reykjavik Land Information System (LUKR) are also available in the main navigation window, and you can find the latest information on the amount and type of housing and the number of residents in the selected area.

Purpose Planning Vision

The planning vision is intended to increase public and implementing partners' access to the City's existing spatial planning policy framework. Organizational plans are subject to continuous changes, so it is important to ensure good accessibility of organizational plans in digital form, as the latest changes have been entered.

Neighbourhood planning of Reykjavik

In the coming years, the Reykjavik Neighborhood Planning Department will take over from the traditional divisional plan view and replace the divisional part of the plan view.