Pay at the School of Work

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers related to pay at School of Work.


Hvað er í tímakaup?


Students who turn 16 during the year will pay tax if there is no choice to take advantage of a personal discount.
A month after the age of 16 is reached, students pay into a pension fund. A bridge is the fund that is paid in.

Hvert er launatímabilið?

Pay periods for students are the same as for other hourly workers in the City of Reykjavik, from the 11th of each month until the 10th of the following month.

  • 1 July: Payment by 9 and 10 June.
  • August 1st: Payment by 11 June to 10 July.
  • 1 September: Payment for July 11 to August 10.
  • October 1st: Payment by August 11 to August 19

Hvar sé ég launaseðla?

Payslips are received at the home bank on the 1st of each month. Therefore, if a student does not have a home bank, it is a good idea to set up one at the relevant bank. The banknotes can be found under "electronic documents".

The City of Reykjavik has not sent printed pay slips for several years.

Fæ ég orlof?

Vacation money is 10.17% and is payable on all time worked. It is deposited in a vacation account in the name of the adolescent concerned at Arion Bank.

Á ég rétt á persónuafslætti?

In the year that young people turn 16, they start paying tax, but like other salaried employees, they are entitled to a personal discount, which is currently available in electronic form. In 2020, the personal discount is 54,628 DKK per month. That amount is sufficient to meet the tax that the young people would otherwise pay on their salary in the Working School.

The School of Applied Sciences recommends that all 16-year-old students use their personal discount during their employment and that parents tick the box when enrolling in the school. However, if a student chooses not to use their discount at the Work School or only part of it, this must be marked. If you wish to use part of the discount, you will need to send an email to and explain.

If students pay a tax that they should not be required to pay, they can apply to the IRS for a refund as of October 1.

Hvað með veikindi og leyfi?

Students do not earn sick leave entitlement. Sick days are therefore not paid and cannot be worked up later.

Permits may be obtained from employment during the period of employment.

It is possible to get permission from jobs, but students do not have the option to work up lost time later. It is preferable that parents report the time off in advance to the respective instructor.

Eru launin rétt?

  • Parents and students are responsible for checking on time whether salaries have been entered correctly.
  • If it is thought that there is a shortage of time, the school office needs to be contacted as soon as possible.
  • Instructors ask students to confirm the hours worked during the pay period by signing a time report. It is good for students to monitor their attendance and record it regularly.
  • It may be difficult to verify a missing amount of time after a payout.