Pay at the School of Work

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers related to pay at School of Work.

We'd like to remind parents that they can keep track of their adolescent's attendance by logging into our registration system and clicking on the relevant name.

Questions and answers

What is the hourly wage?

The wages for Reykjavík School of Work students will remain unchanged from last year. Last summer, the wage was increased by 7% year over year. Hourly wages for 8th graders are 711 kr., 9th graders 947 kr., and 10th graders 1,184 kr. Over 3,000 students are registered in the School of Work this summer.

This means that the total wages for 8th graders are 41,123 kr., 9th graders 109,547 kr., and 10th graders 136,963 kr.

Students who turn 16 during the year pay taxes unless they choose to apply personal tax credit.

In the month after they turn 16, students pay into a pension fund. The Brú fund is the one they pay into.

What is the pay period?

Student pay periods are the same as other hourly workers of the City of Reykjavík, starting from the 11th of each month to the 10th of the next.

  • July 1: Payment for day(s) up to and including June 10.
  • August 1: Payment for June 11 to July 10.
  • September 1: Payment for July 11 to August 10.
  • October 1: Payment for August 11 to the last work day.

Where can I view pay slips?

Starting from January 1, 2023, pay slips will only be published on under "My Pages" and not in online banks as was done before. You can access the slips with an electronic ID or IceKey.

If students do not have an electronic ID, they can request an IceKey at

Do I get vacation pay?

Vacation pay is 10.17% and is paid on all hourly work. It is paid with salary.

Do adolescents have to pay taxes?

In the year when young people turn 16, they begin to pay taxes, but like other wage earners, they have the right to personal tax credit, which is 59,665 kr. a month in 2023. This amount is enough to cover the taxes the young people would otherwise pay from their wages at the School of Work.

The Reykjavík School of Work recommends that all 16-year-old students take advantage of their personal tax credit while they are working and that parents check the relevant box when registering at the school. If a student chooses not to use their personal tax credit or only part of it, they will need to indicate that and send an email to to explain.

If students pay taxes they shouldn't have to, they can apply for a refund from the Director of Internal Revenue starting on October 1.

What about illness and leave?

Students do not earn the right to sick leave. Therefore, sick days are not paid and cannot be made up later.

You can request time off from work during the work period.

While it is possible to take leave from work, students do not have the option of making up for lost work time later. Parents are urged to inform the relevant instructor in advance about absences.

Are the wages correct?

  • Parents and students are responsible for verifying in a timely manner whether the wages have been accurately recorded.
  • If you believe working time to be missing, you must immediately contact the School's office.
  • Instructors ask students to confirm the hours worked during the pay period by signing a time card. It’s beneficial for students to keep track of their attendance and regularly record it.
  • If too much time has passed since the payout, it might prove difficult to verify missing hours.