Reykjanes Nature Reserve, Board

During a February 12, 1975, meeting of the preparatory committee for the establishment of a nature reserve in Reykjanes, it was agreed that Reykjavík City, Kópavogur, Seltjarnarnes, Hafnarfjörður, Grindavík, Garðabær, Selvogur District, Keflavík, and Njarðvík District (the latter two municipalities now merged into Reykjanesbær) should be parties to the nature reserve in Reykjanes, as per the current provisions of Articles 3 and 55 of the Nature Conservation Act No. 44/1999.

Reykjanes Nature Reserve was declared a nature reserve (fólkvangur) in 1975. Reykjanes Nature Reserve is located on the southern end of the Reykjanes peninsula, stretching from Vesturháls in the west to the county borders of Árnessýsla in the east, and down to the sea. To the north, its borders run alongside Heiðmörk and Bláfjöll Nature Reserve. The Nature Reserve contains numerous geothermal areas and various natural landmarks. The Reserve has many volcanoes, especially low lava domes and volcanic fissures.

The Board is composed of one representative from each municipality that is a member of the nature reserve.

On August 25, 2022, the City Executive Council elected Kristín Jón Ólafsson to the Board of Reykjanes Nature Reserve and Elísabet Guðrúnar Jónsdóttir as the alternate.