2024 presidential election information

Ballot box

Presidential election take place on Saturday, June 1, 2024. Polling stations in Reykjavík are open from 9am to 10pm.

If you are not sure if you are on the voter register, you can look up the voter register on the website of Registers Iceland. You can find your polling station by residence at reykjavik.is/en/elections.

Voters make themselves known at the polling station by providing identification. Credit cards and photo IDs with a social security number are considered valid IDs. A voter who shows up at the polling station without identification can go to the district electoral commission for assistance with identification.

Polling stations in Reykjavík

Polling stations in Reykjavík are accessible to everyone. Voters can request a Braille sleeve for their ballot.

During the 2024 presidential elections, there are 25 polling places in Reykjavík. Two new polling stations this year are Fossvogsskóli and Vogaskóli. On the City’s website (reykjavik.is/en/elections), you can see all polling stations and find your station by residence.

Vote counting will take place at Laugardalshöll Arena. Counting starts at 10pm and is open to everyone. The count will be streamed live on the Reykjavík City website. Before counting starts, the Reykjavík North Constituency Electoral Commission will be located at Reykjavík City Hall, and the Reykjavík South Constituency Electoral Commission will be at Hagaskóli.

Early voting in Iceland

Early voting with district commissioners for the presidential election on June 1, 2024, began Friday, May 3, 2024. Voters in Reykjavík can submit their absentee ballots at Höfðatorg or Reykjavík City Hall.

Early voting at the office of the District Commissioner of Greater Reykjavík takes place on the first floor of Holtagarðar.

Information on voting at other district commissioner's offices.

Early voting abroad

Voters need to contact the embassy or consul in the respective country to find out where and when they can vote. A list of Icelandic embassies and consuls.

If a voter is unsure about where and how to vote abroad, it's best to contact the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' citizen service through hjalp@utn.is or by phone at +354 5459900.

Voter turnout

On election day, voter turnout figures in Reykjavík are updated every hour.

The Office of the City Council provides all election information in Reykjavík at 411 4700, or you can email kosningar@reykjavik.is.