Mayor's Resident Meetings

Mayor invites to open residential meetings in the city's neighborhoods. During the meetings, the mayor will present top of the range in the neighborhood and will have a conversation with the residents about the future of the neighborhood. The resident coordinators meetings will be streamed and all materials will be available at the end of the meeting. All meetings will be streamed and, if the protocol allows, guests will also be invited to the auditorium.

Agenda of resident coordinators' meetings

  • Grafarvogur | Rimaskóli, Saturday, January 27, at 11am
  • Breiðholt | Breiðholtsskóli, Saturday, January 27, at 2pm
  • Árbær | Árbæjarskóli, Saturday, February 10, at 11am
  • Háaleiti og Bústaðir | Réttarholtsskóli, Saturday, February 10, at 2pm
  • Grafarholt | March 2, at 11am
  • Kjalarnes |March 2, at 2pm
  • Hlíðar | March 16, at 11am
  • Laugardalur | March 16, at 2pm
  • Vesturbær | April 6, at 11am
  • Miðborg | April 6, at 2pm

Next meeting in Laugardalur

Dagur B. Eggertsson, Mayor

  • Stefan Hrafn Hagalin, resident of Laugardalur:
  • 2015 Developer in the phone book
  • Questions and Answers
  • Skrifað á fundi