Einar Þorsteinsson

Mayor from January 16, 2024.

Role of the Mayor

The Mayor of Reykjavík is the City’s chief of staff. The Mayor is appointed by City Council and may be a City Councilor and has duties as such as well.

The Mayor has three main roles. The Mayor is the managing director of the City of Reykjavík, the City’s public representative, and the political leader of the majority. The Mayor is the executive authorized to sign documents on behalf of Reykjavik Municipal Treasury regarding the purchase and sale of the City's real estate, borrowings, and other obligations or measures that need the approval of City Council. The Mayor may, with the approval of City Council, grant the power of signing on behalf of the City to other Reykjavik employees.

The mayor also manages the Reykjavík City's holdings in Part B companies. The Mayor chairs the Metropolitan Public Security Committee and represents Reykjavik in SSH (Association of Municipalities in the Capital Area) and SHS (Capital Region Fire Service).

Einar Þorsteinsson took office as Mayor on January 16, 2024.