City Festival Fund

Reykjavík City supports cultural festivals in the city with the City Festival Fund through a three-year collaboration agreement.

The next application deadline is spring 2025.

About the City Festival Fund

The Culture, Sports, and Recreation Council of Reykjavík City calls for applications every three years from festival organizers who want to become Reykjavík City Festivals. This is about a collaboration agreement as one of the Reykjavík City Festivals. Festivals selected from the applications receive financial support and a three-year collaboration agreement.

Goals of the City Festival Fund

To support the continuity, development, and operating foundation of festivals in Reykjavík that have already unequivocally proven their worth in terms of significance for the city's cultural life, international connections, positive impact on tourism, and the image of Reykjavík, as well as economic scope.

Festivals that meet the following conditions have the opportunity to be selected as Reykjavík City Festivals:

  • contribute to the enhancement of culture and community life in Reykjavík
  • be open to the public, accessible, and visible
  • have been held at least three times
  • be held annually
  • have an international connection
  • last for three days or longer
  • have a professional management
  • practice good governance and operational transparency
  • meet demands for professionalism and quality
  • support cultural work in the city's districts
  • contribute to job creation

Additionally, factors such as innovation, children's culture, attendance, stability, development potential, timing within the year, festivals' potential for self-financing, environmental issues, collaboration with City institutions, and their reflection of the community's diversity with respect to guests and participants are considered.


Applicants are asked to respond to the following questions through My Pages at Reykjavík City

  • General information about the applicant
  • General information about the festival's responsible party
  • Name of the festival
  • Short description of the festival
  • Date of the festival
  • Festival leaders (Name, ID number, and role)
  • Festival board (Name, ID number, and position within the board)
  • How often the festival has been held
  • Description and goals of the next three festivals
  • International connection of the festival
  • How does the festival enhance culture and community life in the city
  • How does the festival support cultural work in the city's districts
  • How is the festival accessible to the public? For example, free events, ticket sales, streaming, etc.
  • How does the festival cater to children's culture?
  • Does the festival have sustainability and environmental goals?

Applicants also need to upload the following supporting documents:

  • Financial statements for the past three years
  • Plan for the year 2022 including a promotional and financial plan

Applicants are advised to familiarize themselves with the Reykjavík City Cultural Policy 2021 - 2030.

For more information, contact the Office of Cultural City at