Accessibility at Arbaejarlaug Pool


Here you have to write a general text on access to the ITR pools. The text must be descriptive and concise, but it can be longer than what is written here.


  • Private changing room and shower
  • Accessibility without having to go to a public locker
  • Lift into pool
  • Wheelchair-accessible hot tubs
  • Wheelchair-accessible pool
  • Wheelchair-accessible steam room
  • Connected indoor and outdoor pools
  • Walkers
  • Toilets are located in lockers, changing rooms, and at the front counter

Private Changing Rooms

Private changing rooms are specifically intended to welcome transgender people (and children), including non-binary people, intersex people (and children), parents of children with disabilities and children who need special assistance and are of a different sex, persons with disabilities with a helper of a different gender, children who assist parents who are of a different sex, and people with health problems, such as people with stomas.


There are two “P” marked parking spaces at the entrance. The building is on the ground floor and there are no stairs or thresholds. There are three doors at the main entrance and one of them has an automatic opener.

Changing Rooms

The men's and women's changing rooms are close to the front counter. There is a private changing room at the indoor pool area. All changing rooms have toilet facilities with toilet supports. There are shower chairs in every dressing room, and the private changing room also has a bathing bench.

Pool and Tub Facilities

The pool is close to all of the changing rooms. The indoor pool has a lift into the pool and wide steps with handrails. It is open between the indoor and outdoor pools, so you can go between the pools without leaving the pools. The edges of the pools are flat and you can enter the wading pool using a ramp. You enter the tubs using steps with handrails. The edges of the tubs are partially raised and partially level with the ground.


Swimming is free for people with disabilities who show a disability card or ITR swimming card, issued by Sjalfsbjorg Association of Physically Disabled People in the capital area.