About Ártúnsskóli

Ártúnsskóli is a joint primary school, preschool, and after-school program. There are about 255 students. About 155 at the primary school and around 60 children at the preschool each year. Skólasel is the after-school program of Ártúnsskóli and is located within the school building. We offer a variety of recreational activities when the regular school day ends for students ages 6 to 9. Our school emphasizes that everyone should enjoy their time at play and work. The school's motto is: SUCCESS, RESPECT, AND WELL-BEING. 


Role and guiding principles

The role of Ártúnsskóli, in collaboration with homes, is to support the overall development of students and lay the groundwork for their active participation in a democratic society. Ártúnsskóli is a school of diversity, where students are active participants in the school community and a focus is placed on holistic education for all. Foundational elements of education according to the National Curriculum of 2011 are upheld as guiding lights in all our operations. The school has a long tradition of teaching environmental education and the primary school has been the holder of the Green Flag since 2008. The preschool division formally joined during the third flag presentation in May 2013. In the school's neighborhood forest, there are good facilities for outdoor teaching for all years and divisions of our school. 

Health promoting school

The school joined the Directorate of Health's Health Promoting Schools project in 2010. One of the main objectives of the Health Promoting Schools is to systematically work towards enhancing and supporting the welfare and good health of students and staff. In school activities, topics from the Health Promoting Schools and green schools are intertwined.


School friends

Emphasis is placed on boosting social skills and positive student interactions. All primary school classes have a buddy class, with the 4th grade being the buddy class for preschool five-year-olds. The eldest children in the preschool division participate in primary school activities including visits to classes, visits to the library and after-school program, physical education classes in the sports hall, a cycle where they work on theme projects with the 1st grade and the after-school program, and participation in variety days. 

Students at the mid-level are school friends, they take turns looking after and assisting younger students during recess, overseeing games during recess, accompanying them to Friday Assemblies and other events throughout the school year. Moreover, cooperation and team work are emphasized. On a regular basis, the school schedule is interrupted and all the class years are mixed together.

Diverse teaching methods

At Ártúnsskóli, various teaching methods are emphasized to accommodate diverse groups of students. Literacy is heavily emphasized at all education levels. The school has a library that boasts an excellent selection of books. An annual reading race is overseen by the library, and all school students borrow reading materials there.

At the preschool division, the exploration methodology is implemented in older divisions based on the children's interests and the exploration game in the youngest division ties into discovery learning where the child's activity is important. The daily schedule consists of outdoor teaching, sports, art workshops, and group work.