Waste prevention

Reykjavík City policies place a strong emphasis on preventing waste from being generated. Waste arises from consumption habits and production processes, and it costs society large sums of money annually. The environmental cost of waste generation is also significant. By preventing the generation of waste, we can save ourselves and the environment a lot of stress and costs.

Information flow and education

Waste prevention measures are mostly twofold, they are geared to consumers on the one hand and economic operators on the other. Educational and economic incentives can increase awareness that consumption habits and production processes affect waste generation.

The City of Reykjavík has increased its focus on waste prevention. The flow of information and education is a key to waste prevention, and it is important for the municipality to set a good example.

Green Steps

The Green Steps project is one of the actions Reykjavík City has taken to prevent waste generation. The project is about enhancing eco-efficiency in the City’s activities and reducing their environmental impact.

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