Return of recyclables

When we contribute and sort correctly, we are helping to ensure that we can continue to recycle and reuse what is no longer useful to us.

Recycling drop-off points

There are dozens ofrecycling drop-offs in the capital area where you can take all household waste. The website of Sorpa has more detailed information on all sorting and recycling.

Do you know where to bring your waste?

Recycling centers

There are six recycling centers in the capital area, three of which are in Reykjavík, at Sævarhöfði, Ánanaust, and Jafnasel. Recycling centers are used for both waste from residents and operators. A fee for operating the recycling centers is collected with the property tax. The recycling centers accept 32 categories of waste and are intended for unloading smaller loads, below two cubic meters.

Others who accept waste

Items can be returned for reuse and recycling across the city. As an example, the Red Cross accepts clothing, shoes, and other textiles through collection containers at SORPA’s recycling drop-offs and recycling centers. In the capital area, you can also return clothing, shoes, and other functional products to the Salvation Army Thrift Store, and the Mother’s Support Committee (Mæðrastyrksnefnd) and Konukot – Shelter for Homeless Women accept donations that can be used in Iceland. At many recycling drop-offs the Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association (BÍS) collects returnable packaging.

Samhjálp Mutual Assistance and ABC Children's Aid Iceland also run thrift stores that accept all kinds of functional products. Expired medicines and unused medicinal products should be returned to employees in pharmacies. Some eye wear stores accept old glasses.

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