Sports, Leisure, Culture & Arts

Museums, pools, skiing and fun! Here you'll find some of the best things to do in Reykjavík all year round.

Swimming pools

There are few things better for mental, physical, and social health than the outdoors and exercise. Swimming is free in Reykjavik for all people ages 67 and over. Here is information about the City's pools, and their accessibility.


There is always plenty to see and do in Reykjavik! The museums of the City of Reykjavik represent strong work in various fields of culture and art.

Events and city festivals

Reykjavik City hosts a number of events and festivals all year round.

Reykjavík Culture Card

Your access to the cultural life of the city.


Included in the map are 14 museums, 50+ exhibitions, 300+ events, library certificates, as well as a number of offers.


Reykjavík City Card

Reykjavík City Card is a great, convenient and economical way to experience our city.


The City Card provides free access to a number of museums and swimming pools, as well as being valid as a bus entrance fee within the capital and for the Vedas Ferry.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Come out to play! A wide range of exercise and outdoor activities support good physical and mental health.

Awards, Grants and Recognition

The City of Reykjavik provides a large number of grants for various cultural issues

Cultural Markings

Markings on historical monuments and areas within the city limits of Reykjavik make the city's experience more enjoyable for city residents and visitors, as well as providing education on the history of the capital.


The signs include knowledge about human life, history, art, and literature related to the place in question, as well as video footage.