Tobacco sales license

Anyone who sells retail tobacco shall have a valid tobacco sales license issued by the Health Committee. Tobacco sales licences are issued pursuant to Act No. 6/2002 on tobacco prevention.

Settlement of tobacco sales licences

Application Received

The operator submits an application via my sites to the City of Reykjavik.

The application will be processed

The application is submitted to the delivery meeting of the health unit for approval. Settlement meetings are held weekly on Tuesdays.

Response sent

The health inspector then sends a notification of approval of the permit, together with an invoice for the permit. A tobacco sales license is effective when the invoice for the license has been paid and then the license letter is sent to the licensee. Sale of tobacco is prohibited until a licence has entered into force.

The validity of tobacco sales licences is 4 years.

How much does a tobacco sales license cost?

The fee for tobacco sales license and supervision for tobacco sales is charged according to the fee schedule of the National Health Service.

Rules governing the sale of tobacco

The following rules apply to the sale of tobacco:

A valid tobacco sales license shall be required to be in place. Tobacco must not be sold or dispensed to persons under 18 years of age. This should be prominently advertised.
Those who are 18 years old alone are allowed to sell tobacco.
Tobacco and trademarks of tobacco should be placed in outlets so that they are not visible to the customer.

The Health Department monitors compliance with tobacco sales and advertising rules. Retailers can expect to be on special tobacco trafficking patrols. A fee is charged for patrols in accordance with the fee schedule.