Things to Do

Want to do outdoor activities, shop at the market, or learn Icelandic? There are several things to do in Reykjavik.

Learn Icelandic

At the City Library, you can learn Icelandic.


Spend Quality Time with Your Child


Go to a Family Park or Zoo

An animal and amusement park in Laugardalur. The Park offers classes about animals for children and youth. The amusement rides are only open in the summer, but you can see the animals being fed all year round, and sometimes you can even enjoy a horseback ride. The Park is open every day.

Children and adults sail on boats at the Reykjavik Family Park & Zoo

Go Swimming

There are few things better for mental, physical, and social health than the outdoors and exercise—and soaking in the hot tub is beyond compare! You can find more information about the City's swimming pools below.


Grow Your Own Vegetables

The culinary gardens for the summer of 2022 will open on May 1. Reykjavik residents can get a culinary garden for their own use.


Meet Other People for Social Support

Kids play Pogo