Priority in preschool

Under certain circumstances, you can apply for priority placement in preschool.

You can apply for priority preschool placement for:

I. Children who are already 5 years old.

II. Disabled children and children with defined developmental anomalies. A certificate from an authorized diagnostician shall be attached to the application.

III. Children living in difficult social environments.

(a) Child protection issues. A certificate from social security authorities shall be attached to the application.

(b) Serious illness, serious disability, or serious social difficulties for the child's family members.

A certificate from a doctor or other official shall be attached to the application.

(c) Children of parents below the legal age (18 years).

(d) Children of single parents with three or more children under their care and the eldest child not older than 9 years of age.

(e) Triplets.

Items I, II, and III above also apply to private preschools.

IV. Children of staff in City of Reykjavik preschools. A preschool employee can apply for priority placement in Reykjavik City preschools for their child using the appropriate form. The employee must meet the requirements of Article 2 of the Rules on Preschool Services concerning the conditions for preschool placement. The preschool director at the employee's preschool must confirm the application.


Applications for priority placement should be submitted by completing this form (is) and sending an email to