Resident parking permit for parking spaces

A resident parking permit is a parking card for people living in areas where parking is subject to charges. Holders of resident parking permits can park a car free of charge in paid parking within the area of validity of their card.

Who is eligible for a resident parking permit?

You can apply for a Resident Parking Permit (I. íbúakort) if:

  • you are legally resident within a paid parking zone in Reykjavík, or in a defined Resident Parking Permit Zone
  • there is no parking spot on your property
  • if you are a registered owner or keeper of a vehicle in the Vehicle Register
  • the debt to the Parking Service has not been submitted to a collection agency
As a tenant, you must present the property owner's consent when applying for a resident parking permit.

How much does a resident parking permit cost?

1,350 kr. a month for vehicles that run exclusively on electricity or hydrogen.

2,700 kr. per month for other vehicles.

A resident parking permit is issued for one year at a time. However, a resident parking permit is never valid beyond the validity period of the apartment owner’s consent or the specified period the applicant may use the car under a car rental agreement. The same applies to the renewal of resident parking permits.

Rules on Resident Parking Permits

A resident parking permit grants the user permission to park the car free of charge, in paid parking spaces, within the Resident Parking Permit Zone, subject to some limitations.