Parking garage tariffs

All parking garages are open 7 days a week from 7am to 12am

Short-term parking at Stjörnuport and Vitatorg parking garages

  • 180 kr. for the first hour
  • 120 kr. each hour thereafter

Charges 24/7

Short-term parking at Kolaport, City Hall, Traðarkort and Vesturgata parking garages

  • 260 kr. for the first hour
  • 130 kr. each hour thereafter

Charges 24/7

Long-term parking (monthly tariff)*

  • Bergstaðir Parking Garage upper floor 11,000 kr.
  • Bergstaðir Parking Garage lower floor 18,200 kr.
  • Kolaport Parking Garage 12,500 kr.
  • Reykjavík City Hall Parking Garage 18,200 kr.
  • Stjörnuport Parking Garage 11,000 kr.
  • Traðarkot Parking Garage 12,500 kr.
  • Vesturgata Parking Garage 18,200 kr.
  • Vitatorg Parking Garage 9,500 kr.
The parking garages are exclusively for cars in daily use and not for storing cars, caravans, trailers and/or vintage cars. Vehicles without number plates and other unauthorized vehicles and trailers will be immediately removed from the parking garage at the owner’s expense.