Explanations for charges for parking citations

Charges for parking citations are imposed for violations of specific articles of the Traffic Act, cf. Article 109 of Act No 77/2019. The violation of these provisions of the Traffic Act are not subject to fines, as for the violation of most other articles of the Act, but rather the imposition of charges for parking citations. Due to this inherent difference in the penalties, these cases are not treated as public cases, but rather the rules of Act No 37/1993 on Administrative Procedures and the Code of Civil Procedure, No. 91/1991, as applicable.

Request for revision of charges

The imposition of a charge for a parking citation is an intrusive administrative measure and, therefore, persons who think their rights are infringed by the imposition of charge for a parking citation may submit a request for the revision of the imposition (appeal) to the Reykjavík Parking Service. The request for appeal is a substantiated summary to override the imposition of the charge for the parking citation.

The description of the infringement (parking ticket) is considered an official document, pursuant to Article 71 of the Code of Civil Procedure, and its content shall be deemed correct until proven otherwise, pursuant to the third paragraph of Article 71 of the same Act. Therefore, applicants are advised to submit at the outset the evidence that would be expected to override the infringement description (the parking charges).

The review is conducted in such a way that the supervisor of the parking enforcement officer/police officer, or their special representative, reviews the substance of the case and assesses the causes of action and legal arguments on which the applicant is basing the request. At the same time, the parking enforcement officer/police officer is asked for clarification regarding the imposition in question and additional information is gathered if needed.

Under Laws and regulation you can find a summary of the main provisions of applicable laws and regulations to the imposition and collection of charges for parking citations.

Once the Parking Service has received a request, extra late fees are mandatory in accordance with traffic laws throughout the processing time. If a review request is approved, the citation will be canceled and the applicant will receive an email notification of this. If the request is denied, the applicant will also be notified via email and the citation will revert to its original amount prior to the request for review.

Applicants are reminded that they have the option of paying the charge despite requesting an appeal and getting it reimbursement if the appeal is granted. If they do not, they run the risk of losing the right to pay the charge at a discounted rate, which is only granted if paid within 3 business days of the imposition of the charge.

Opening hours

General processing takes about 2 to 4 weeks.

Justification for the citation may be requested within 14 days from the date of the citation. Attention is drawn to the fourth paragraph of Article 109 of the Traffic Act, which states that the imposition of a charge will not be escalated to a higher governmental authority.