State of Preschool in Reykjavík in March 2023

School and recreation

One preschool will not accept new children this spring, and housing improvements will affect the enrollment of six other preschools.

Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, March 14, the allocation of preschool spaces in Reykjavík begins. Parents of children who have applied to city-run schools can expect to receive notifications about spaces in the coming weeks, but applications received after March 13 will not be prioritized until after the major allocation ends on April 17. 

Impact of construction on children's intake 

Laugasól will not accept new children this fall due to renovations and repairs, but at the same time, the preschool will be expanded, adding two groups and improving conditions for staff. Construction will also significantly affect enrollment in six other preschools in Reykjavík. These are Grandaborg and Gullborg, as due to construction in Grandaborg, children from there have been given spaces in the neighboring preschool Gullborg. Construction at Fífuborg is planned to start this summer, and the preschool's operations will temporarily move to Húsaskóli, resulting in fewer new children being admitted. Construction at Hlíð and Hálsaskógur will also affect children's intake at Ævintýraborg at Nauthólsvegur and Vogabyggð, as activities have or will temporarily move there.

Árborg, Vesturborg, Kvistaborg, and Sunnuás will also temporarily admit fewer children due to construction and relocation of operations. Sunnuás is expected to move from Kringlan 1 back to the preschool grounds at Dyngjuvegur by late summer, with portable classrooms being set up there. It should be noted that no children have lost their preschool spaces due to renovations and other construction projects in Reykjavík.

Construction has been completed at Nóaborg and Furuskógur, and other construction projects at Reykjavík preschools will not affect children's intake this fall

Significant expansion of preschools in the city   

It is difficult to determine the average age of children at enrollment next fall, but efforts are being made to increase preschool spaces in the city through the Bridging the Gap action plan. Last year, four new preschools opened in Reykjavík, and new groups opened at older preschools. However, at the same time, another ambitious effort has been underway in the housing of primary schools and preschools, aiming to update older housing and improve interior conditions, which will have a short-term impact on the enrollment of new children. Filling vacancies in preschools has been met with varying success, also affecting the number of preschool spaces available. 

Reykjavík has 17 private preschools that receive financial support from the City. It is estimated that 300-400 children will get placement in these schools this fall. 

Decrease in preschool spaces related to efforts to improve working conditions  

The number of children in Reykjavík preschools decreased from 2015 to 2020, when the numbers began to increase again. The main explanation behind the decrease is the decision to reduce the number of children per staff member in stages and to increase space for each child inside the preschools, a process that was completed in 2020. The goal is to improve working conditions and the well-being of children and staff in this important field.