First day of summer - A Blossom of Children's Culture in the City

Concert where 700 preschool children sang songs by Spilverk þjóðanna and Stuðmenn
Children's Culture Festival 2024

Tomorrow, on the first day of summer, April 25th, Reykjavík will be alive with original and diverse events from the Children's Culture Festival offered across the city.

Big Bang

The European music festival BIG BANG is happening at Harpa. The festival aims to prioritize the experiences of children. Harpa will be filled with children enjoying a variety of musical events. Concerts, installations, and music-related workshops led by professionals will be available. Celebs will perform the festival's song this year, "Spyrja eftir þér." Stuðpinnarnir and the siblings Keli, Katla, and Valgeir, known for their entertaining stage presence, will be donning decorative costumes.

Dans Brynju Péturs sýnir á sviðinu í Hörpu
Hópur frá Dans Brynju Péturs sýna glæsilegan dans við opnun Barnamenningarhátíðar 2024 í Hörpu

Celebrations of summer's arrival

The Scout Group Ægisbúar will celebrate their anniversary with a program in Vesturbær, and celebrating the arrival of summer at the same time. Activities include jumping castles, family entertainment, and a special anniversary evening event.

UNGI is an international performing arts festival for young audiences in Reykjavík. The festival opens tomorrow at Reykjavík City Hall with the British performing arts group Daryl&Mimbre presenting the dance show "Look Mum, No Hands!" exploring friendship and maturity in a beautiful way.

Architecture, Breiðholt, and Our City is an exhibit in the lobby of the Nordic House. The exhibit showcases experiments, research, and models of future houses through the eyes of ten-year-old children.

Children Recreate National Treasures - an exhibit at the National Museum.. Children in grades 5, 6, and 7 from Grandaskóli have worked on artworks and models this winter, pondering national treasures and the nation's history. Some national treasures are updated with a modern twist, while others take on a fantastical and sometimes horrifying aspect.

What's Missing - An Art Exhibit from the LGBT+ Youth Center at Kjarvalsstaðir Museum. Artworks by adolescents from the LGBT+ youth center are exhibited. The youth center's art club has visited the Reykjavík Art Museum regularly this winter, where they have engaged with artworks, reflected upon them, and contemplated the messages they want to convey through their own creations.

Hópur barna úr leikritinu Fía Sól gefst aldei upp
Hópur barna sem leikur í leikritinu Fía Sól gefst aldrei upp á opnunarhátíð Barnamenningarhátíðar

Kids Perform Plays is a fun family show at the Reykjavík City Theater's New Stage, featuring two short plays both written and performed by children aged 12-16.

Growing Pains is a new exhibit opening at the Árbær Open Air Museum, exploring the history of children's schooling in Reykjavík. Precious museum objects, photographs, and narratives from the past are shared in a lively and colorful manner with new generations.

This is just a glimpse of what's offered at the Children's Culture Festival in Reykjavík, with free entry to all festival events.

Everyone is welcome.