Fees for charging stations in parking garages

Reykjavík Parking Service Transportation

The change encourages the use of parking garages
The change promotes more efficient use of parking garages in the city center.

Charging stations will start to have fees from August 17, 2023, in Reykjavík City parking garages.

Reykjavík City and Ísorka have entered into a contract regarding charging stations and Ísorka will service the stations and maintain them. The charging stations in question are located in parking garages at City Hall, Stjörnuport, Traðarkot, Vitatorg, and Vesturgata 7.

The fee will be as follows


  • 24 kr. per kWh
  • 3 kr. per minute
  • No time-based fee for the first three hours


  • 24 kr. per kWh
  • No time-based fee

The charging is introduced to respond to high demand and to ensure fairness, it was previously free for promotion and to help with the energy transition and to encourage use of the parking garages