‘The device speaks to me, and I just completely follow what it says’


An older woman sits in a chair with a medication dispenser device beside her

The hundredth medication dispenser has been put into use in Reykjavík. It was 97-year-old Andrea Kr. Þorleifsdóttir who received the medication dispenser about two weeks ago. She says she hasn't missed a dose since and is extremely pleased with the dispenser.

Andrea saw a media feature on medication dispensers, liked what she saw, and took the initiative to contact Reykjavík home care services to give it a try. She doesn't regret it. ‘I just really like the medication dispenser, and as I knew, I needed it. It reminds me to take my medication, which I often forgot about in the middle of the day while watching TV, reading, or having visitors. I am very thankful for this device; it speaks to me, and I just completely follow what it says,’ says Andrea, who strongly encourages others to use the services.

100 active medication dispensers in use

The Reykjavík welfare living lab began implementing medication dispensers in collaboration with the welfare technology department of Icepharma in October 2023. At that time, there were 25 medication dispensers in use, but now there are 100 in use in Reykjavík homes. In total, 150 individuals have used the dispensers for longer or shorter periods.

Medication dispensers are monitored by the staff of the Welfare Technology Living Lab virtual service center all year round, but it is the home care services staff that handles refills and responses to notifications. If a service user of a medication dispenser misses a dose, the staff receives a notification and can respond quickly.

Medication dispensers are a rapidly growing service, with new applications being received by Reykjavík home care services every day. The use of medication dispensers is considered highly beneficial, offering increased safety for users who are less likely to forget their medication. People are no longer dependent on waiting for a home care services worker to come and administer their medication. There is also a benefit for home care services staff in terms of increased efficiency.