Food Inspection Licensing

The Food Inspectorate issues work permits to companies that produce or distribute foodstuffs under the Food, Hygiene and Pollution Prevention Act.

The operator must apply to the National Health Service before starting any activity. See more about what to do before applying for a work permit The application is submitted to the delivery meeting of the health unit for approval. Settlement meetings are held weekly on Tuesdays.

How do I get a work permit issued?

The health inspector then sends a notification of approval of the permit, together with an invoice for the permit. A work permit comes into effect when the invoice for the permit has been paid and then the permit letter is sent to the permit holder. It is prohibited to start a licensed activity until such time as a licence has entered into force. The validity of work permits is 12 years. When applying for a licence for a food vending machine, vending booth or food market, the applicant must hold a street and square vending permit from the Department of Environment and Planning.


Gististaðir eru staðir þar sem boðin er gisting að hámarki í 30 daga samfleytt í senn gegn endurgjaldi, svo sem á hótelum, gistiheimilum, gistiskálum, íbúðum og sumarhúsum, með eða án veitinga. 

Sjá meira um gististaði

Meat processing, dairy farms and fish processing

In general, meat processing, dairy farms and fish processing are subject to food inspections by the Food and Veterinary Office. Any queries about these companies should be directed to the Food and Drug Administration.

Reportable Companies

Notifiable food companies of the National Health Service are producers of edible herbs, i.e. companies that only grow their products (so-called primary producers), but the packing and other processing of the products takes place in another place that holds the authorisation of the Health Board for this activity. Primary production also covers the exploitation of wild crops.

Manufacturers and/or importers of materials and parts in contact with food must notify the National Health Service of their activities. Materials and objects are all packaging, containers, utensils, equipment, tableware and all materials from which such objects are composed and may come into contact with foodstuffs. If the manufacturers and/or importers of materials and parts come into contact with foodstuffs or distribute foodstuffs, the companies are subject to a work permit. For more information on food contact materials and items, please visit the Food and Drug Administration website. It also includes the laws and regulations governing this category of cases.

A form to notify the National Health Service of the activities of primary producers and companies that only have materials and parts in contact with food is in progress.

The notification and supervision of the health officer must be paid according to the current fee schedule of the National Health Service.

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