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Health Strategy of the CoR until 2030: The Health City of: “The city I want to live in” was approved by the Reykjavík City Council on October 5, 2021. Work on the Strategy was ongoing in the winter of 2020-2021 in collaboration with the City, the Office of the Surgeon General and the Metropolitan Health Service. After the conclusion of the consultation process in the summer of 2021, the strategy was approved by the City Council.

Public health policy of the CoR

At the heart of Reykjavik's public health policy is to increase the number of life years in which the population lives in good health and well-being. It aims to create an environment and conditions that enhance equality, health and happiness so that all citizens have the opportunity to enjoy life in a city where they like to live.

The Reykjavik Public Health Strategy is one of the city's core principles and complementary to other policies, as almost all of the city's activities directly or indirectly affect the health and well-being of the city's inhabitants. The Public Health Strategy supports, among other things, the objectives of the Green Plan, which is the CoR's outreach programme to 2030 in an eye to making the city economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

The vision of the Strategy is that Reykjavik is a health-enhancing, sustainable and multicultural city community that promotes safety, equality, active participation and well-being for all.

A guiding principle of the CoR's activities in the field of public health is that the emphasis on public health is central to all CoR activities and strategies, is based on the best knowledge and experience at all times and does no harm.

The three main objectives of the strategy are:

  1. Improved health and well-being throughout the life cycle,
  2. Equal opportunities for health and well-being - no children left behind
  3. Health and well-being are the guiding principles of all CoR activities.

Action plan

In order to achieve the objectives of the Public Health Strategy, an action plan for a few years at a time is formulated based on a status assessment at all times to meet the key challenges to the health and well-being of the city's population. The policy's first action plan covers the years 2021-2023.


In addition to the policy action plan, there are numerous actions that fall within the CoR's other policies and instruments but are designed to contribute to improving public health in the CoR. An overview of these actions and activities, status assessment and more can be found in the policy appendices.

Reykjavík is one of Europe's public health cities.

In May 2021, the CoR became a member of the European Public Health Cities Association, a who European Healthy Cities Network. Reykjavík submitted an application to join the organization at the beginning of 2020, but the review of applications was delayed by the COVID-19 epidemic. Membership of the association implies the city's commitment to work on various public health projects in




Sofum better

Session on awareness-raising on the importance of sleep

Awareness raising on the importance of sleep started with the Sofum Forum better in the Chernobyl Hall of City Hall on 1 October 2021.

The CoR is involved in an awareness campaign by the Office of the GP about the importance of sleep, which is intended to help improve the sleep of Icelanders. During the Forum, the following made statements: Alma D. Möller GP, Day B. Mayor Eggertsson, Margaret Lila Guðmundsdóttir expert at Research & Analysis and Dr. med. Erla Björnnsdóttir is a sleep specialist and CEO of Better Sleep. A recording of the forum can be found on the event's website.